What You Should Know about the Best Synthetic Urine

Best Synthetic Urine

Wanting to pass a drug test in 24 hours but don’t know what to do? Then try to get synthetic urine. It’s sometimes called fake pee and the substance mimics the composition of human urine. There are companies that manufacture synthetic samples with the same phosphate, ammonia, creatinine, urea, and sulfate content that can be found in real pee. Know more about urea in this site here.

Here are other things that you should know about urine tests.

  1. Fake Urine is the Last Resort to Pass a Drug Test

There are people who smoke weed the day of the test and they have a slimmer chance of getting a negative result. They purchase fake pee on websites because it is cleaner and it is guaranteed to get favorable results. Drug Screening is usually for companies that do random drug testing to their staff or pre-employment requirements for people who want to enter into a corporation.

The test checks for drugs such as marijuana, benzodiazepines, PCP, methadone, cocaine, barbiturates, amphetamines, and opioids. If you know that these substances will be detected in your own urine sample, then submitting fake urea can turn the tables in your favor.

  1. Fake Pee Needs the Right Container

Synthetic pee should be stored in a proper container in order for it to have a higher chance to get accepted. Sealing the fake urine in an airtight container will keep contaminants out. The sterile environments of these sealed plastic cups will ensure that the color and temperature will be retained. The right airtight container should easily get warmed if you put it in the microwave.

  1. The Authenticity Depends on Several Factors

Note that a technician can know whether urea is artificial or not through its color, odor, and temperature. If the pee sample smells foul, the color is different, the temperature is too hot or too cold, and then you might be required to submit another sample. Proper storage can maintain these factors. When you are not careful in storing the fake pee, the color might turn dark. The pale color should be maintained and the temperature should be about 94 degrees F. The smell should also mimic that of real urine.

  1. Warm Your Sample with Lots of Methods

It should be emphasized that the sample you have purchased online should have the right temperature when you pass it to the laboratory technician. The tactics to warm your sample can include wrapping it with your hands. You can also purchase hand warmers that will retain the temperature to 90 degrees F for a long period of time. Check the sites that provide a comprehensive review of the best synthetic urine to know more about how to properly handle your urine.

Best Synthetic Urine

Body heat is used as well to warm the sample. Some of the employees about to be tested may want to buy some time to warm their sample using the armpits or thighs to achieve the right temperature. If your urine cup becomes too cold, then a microwave can do the trick. Ten seconds can be more than enough to heat the sample well.

  1. Fake Pee Can Be Stored for a Long Time

The shelf life of synthetic pee may vary but generally, they can be stored for a long period of time. Make sure that when storing fake urine, you don’t put it directly into sunlight or expose it in temperatures that are too cold. A lot of brands may have different instructions when storing the fake pee that you may have purchased online but if you are careful, you can reheat the urine a lot of times without destroying it. The shelf life can vary from one to two years.

A Brief History of Synthetic Urea

The chemist Friedrich Wohler accidentally discovered the first sample of synthetic urea in the year 1828. Read more about Wohler in this site: He attempted to do a synthetic version of ammonium cyanate. There were people in his time who believed that organic compounds such as urine can’t be recreated. Only the kidneys can produce urea and Wohler’s discovery disproves this theory.

The regular composition of fake pee is a mixture of pH balance, uric acid, water, urea, and creatinine. The samples are created with the same temperature, color, texture, and density that won’t easily be detected by labs.

The GCMS or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry is the most common method that most laboratories use to test samples. They are separate the mixture of compounds found in urea and determine whether each compound contains drug metabolites. The companies often require most laboratories to perform the five-panel test which looks for traces of cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, and other traces of illegal substances.

There is an analysis done as well with the color, temperature, and odor. For people who have purchased fake pee, they have two things that they should do. The first thing is to safely smuggle the urine into the bathroom and the second is to make sure that it has the right temperature. There are pee samples that come with heating pads. You just tie it around the plastic container to keep everything warm. Note that the companies will not be able to detect if the urine is fake or not if it contains the same compound and has the right temperature as the real ones.

Passing Your Test is Important

Be careful when you submit fake pee to a laboratory technician. It should be flawless and you should be above suspicion. They should not question your sample at all. This way, you won’t need to worry about getting suspicions of using illegal drugs. Passing your test will also open doors for promotions, prevent you from paying fines, and you will not even lose your job. Regardless of your reasons for using drugs, mastering how to handle synthetic urine increase your chances of survival.

One thing you should remember is when you fail, you might have a derogatory record or you might face imprisonment. Even if marijuana is starting to be legalized in some states, there are still companies that follow federal laws to have a drug-free workplace.

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