What is the Procedure for Filing Consumer Complaint in India?

Consumer Complaint

For any company that provides services to the customers, depending on their customers, and they are treated like kings. The companies solely depend on their services that are provided to their customers and if goes wrong with the sales or in the services it is going to be reflected in the revenue and the profit of the company. When said all these, why do still many customers are not receiving the best services or goods from the companies? But sometimes for some or many companies, the profit becomes much important than serving the customers.

That is the reason that we have the Customer Protection Act. The Customer Protection Act, 1986, is based on seeking to promote and protect the consumers’ interests against the defects and the deficiencies in the services or the goods. The act also ensures that the rights of the consumers are secured against the restrictive or the unfair trades that are practiced in the market. It is true that many of the consumers are still not aware of this act and also many of their rights that help them to claim the reimbursement or any other compensation for their loss.

This act helps the consumers to gain what they have lost or cheated due to the unfair trades that have been practiced in any platform of the market. All these are instruction is already been informed to the companies or one who indulges in providing services or sells products to the public and earns money through it. It is well informed to the persons tries to form a company. This can be used by the consumer when if they are happened to come across any such incident then you can claim your reimbursement by filing a case against the trading business or the authority to ask for justice.

Where to File a Consumer Complaint?

When faced such acts, the consumer can file a complaint in the District Consumer Forum when he or she is expecting to claim the compensation that is less than 2,000,000.

The consumer needs to file a case in the State Commission if the relief is expected claimed anywhere between 2,000,000 to 10,000,000.

The National Commission at New Delhi is the place where one should approach to file a complaint claiming any compensation that is more than 10,000,000.

Here comes the major part of the question that is ‘How to file a complaint against these acts?’

Procedure to File a Complaint

  1. The complaint can be done very simple; it can be registered on a plain paper and no stamp paper is required for this.
  2. The complaint should contain the details of the fraudulent activity or simply the whole scenario would go well and it should be opposing the party that you are filing the complaint against.

Apart from the above-mentioned details, the complaint should contain these particulars:

  • The complaint should include his or her full name and the address of them.
  • The name and the complete address and any other details of the opposite party should be clearly mentioned.
  • Date of the goods that are purchased and the services that are availed need to be described in the complaint.
  • And also the amount of money that is paid for the above-stated services or the purchase of the goods.
  • Here comes the important part that is the details of the complaint, it has to be clear and comprehensive. Details of the unfair services, the supply of the defective or less quality product, or delivering a product that is not worth for the price that the consumer have paid should take place in the complaint.
  • If you have any bills or acknowledgment or the copy of it can be attached with the complaint, although it isn’t mandatory it will speed up the process and also acts as solid evidence.
  • The relief sought or the compensation that is sought for this act by the petitioner.
  • The petitioner or the petitioner’s authorized agent should sign in the complaint.
  1. The complaint can be registered by the petitioner himself/herself, or by an authorized agent or even by post.
  2. The involvement of the lawyer isn’t a mandate to file the case.
  3. According to the type of the crime, a nominal fee will collect from the complaint.

The time limit of the complaint

The complaint should be made within two years from the date of the cause or the unlawful act has occurred. However, the complaint can also be made after two years of the action if it satisfies the District Forum and has enough reasons to state why the complaint is not made within the two years of time.

This information will help everyone to gain a lot of awareness and if anyone seeking more information regarding this it is well to consult a lawyer or a legal consultant.