What is readability? How can a readability checker improve your writing?

Readability checker

Words are essential to communicate your ideas. If you can’t use words correctly, you can’t present your ideas and thoughts. While writing a message, you have to pay attention to the length of the sentence, use of grammar and words to make it readable.

Readability means the ease that enables readers to understand your text. Readability of a message depends on its syntax and vocabulary, line length, line height, and font size. Researchers consider different factors for measurement of readability:

  • Exhaustion in reading
  • Eye movement
  • Reading speed
  • Impulse blink technique
  • Visibility
  • Perceptibility in fringe vision
  • Perceptibility at a particular distance
  • Perception speed

With a readability checker, you can measure the readability score of your text. A higher score means the text is easy to ready for each reader. Readers with poor or average reading comprehension can get the advantage of this text. Readability level of each message determines the failure or success of this message.

Readability Score

This score is a computer-calculated index that allows you to understand the complexity level of your text. You can quickly determine who can read your text easily. The score defines the grade levels with the education of a person.

If the readability score of your text is 6, it means your text is readable for the students of the elementary school in the United States or the students of a primary school in the United Kingdom. A difficult to read message will not engage your audience. Readability of your article can influence the engagement of people with your message.

Readability Score

How does a readability checker work?

A readability checker evaluates your writing by calculating the number of characters, syllables, words, and sentences. Readability checkers help you to remove complicated phrases and words. It will convert your blog or article into plain language.

With the help of readability checker, you can bring perfection in a document. It allows you to increase the retention of a reader, their comprehension and reading speed. A readable text can increase the number of visitors to your website.

Increase Engagement of Readers

Readable text is essential to increase the engagement of customers with your services and products. If you want to enhance the readability of your text, here are some recommendations for you:

  • Avoid long paragraphs in writing. Online readers ignore large blocks of texts after reading a few sentences. Try to break your text into small chunks and use bullet points to highlight an important message.
  • Pay attention to basic errors, such as grammar and spelling mistakes. These mistakes can affect the natural flow of writing and detract readability.
  • Page titles and short headlines are essential for your text. Title of the page should give a quick overview of the text to readers. Blog titles and headlines must be catchy and readable.
  • Subheadings are essential for your articles for SEO purpose. Subheadings can break the flow of your article naturally. It will enhance the reading experience of your readers.
  • Alignment of text is an essential option to improve the readability of your blogs and articles. Images are crucial to give a natural break to your content.

You are writing for the audience, so it is essential to focus on the readability. Readable content can boost the number of your visitors. Readability checker can improve the readability of your text. As a result, you will get more traffic to your website.

How to use readability checker?

Upload your document file or paste the text in the given box and check readability. If you want to check the large text, you have to consider the limit of words. Break your text into small pieces to check its readability score. Readability checker will give you suggestions to improve the readability score of your text.