What are the HTML and JavaScript?

HTML and JavaScript

HTML stands for hypertext markup language. this language is made up of markup tags and its basic syntax is .in 1980 this language was created by Tim Berners Lee, in late 1991 HTML tags we introduced on 18 attributes were introduced. This language is used to design a structure for a website easily. A very first step to start an HTML is to create a file on the notepad and give it an extension (filename.html) by giving this extension the file will become an HTML file.

Then after that is declared, why we apply this it’s because we are writing an HTML document, this defines an HTML document. Now the interesting part begins we write a tag and close this tag at the end of our page. As we have to work in between this tag so now we write a tag naming and then close it before our body tag. Inside the tag of the head, we write a title tag in this we write a title. This will be shown on the tab title of the browser. All the work which we do in HTML is done in between the tags and close the tag at the end.

Now we apply body tag and close it before the tag. In this tag our almost all sort of work is done, we apply background designing, navigation, footer etc. scripts can also be applied on this document like PHP, java scripting, j-query, ajax etc. all these are used to make the template look beautiful, images, videos, mp3 format files etc can be put in this document, this makes the website look dynamic and responsive. Tables can also be inserted in this document. We apply tables for perfect alignment on the text, image or an excel sheet for showing an account etc, but for the dynamic work we apply div tag, this tag is used to make dynamic designing for the template. Before we apply this we apply CSS class in this document. Follow more blog on my post such as how to become a programmer.

Explanation of JavaScript

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Javascripting is client-side programming, javascript is also known as camel language because of its syntax. Javascript is used for dynamic styling work and make a webpage look dynamic. Javascript is added in HTML document, all work of javascript is done on HTML. This language was invented by Brendon Eich who is also co-founder of Mozilla Corporation.

First it would hard to understand but as you will get to know about the variables and learn the basics you will feel a bit excited as getting much experience in this language you can do anything with this language, you can apply anything you want in this language like for example, you will be able to create games, apps etc. more details follow on

Javascript is a very compact language and it is also a very flexible language too because it helps developers to create as many tools as they can. There is a huge amount of functionalities in this laThe libraries are J-query and Ajax, both of these are used to make a website look dynamic, beautiful etc. both have a lot of functionalities, with these functionalities a user can do whatever he wants to do with the page, to work on these we have to download their libraries then have to start our work without them we are unable to do work on them. Both of these play a vital role in the designing of a webpage, by applying these it makes a website look responsive, dynamic and beautiful. Engage as you get deep into this language. This language also has its libraries which are used for the dynamic designing purpose.