Unique and Entertaining Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower

The baby shower is one of those first ceremonies in the new born’s life. This is one of the most incredible ways to celebrate the arrival of the newborn. You can make the baby shower a remarkable event by arranging amazing games. Here is a list of games that can make your baby shower a fun and enjoying ceremony for your guests.

1) Guess Balloons Color or Gender

According to the convention, color blue s for a boy and pink is for the baby girl. So, as it is on its way, you can play this fun guess game in this baby shower occasion. All you need to do is stack piles of blue and pink balloons in a water spot in the garden. Blindfold each guest and let them pick one balloon. There will be a voting of the color balloons as well as the gender of the coming baby. Though the whole ceremony is coincidental, it will be a fun.

Guess Balloons Color or Gender

2) Word Scramble

This is again a pure fun and intelligence game. You arrange for one or two-word puzzle scribbles at a place. Make a list of common baby words first. Let the guests sit like an audience inside your lawn. You can pick each guest and hand them scribbles of a jumbled baby word. In 30 sec they have to puzzle out the word. Or you can show the scribbled word in a screen and let them guess.

3) Baby Word Search

This game is almost like the last game. There are different ways of executing them. You can spell a word to each guest and let them search that from a list of puzzled words. Or, you can give each guest a baby word. All they have to do is to search alphabets of the making word and settle it. The one who does it in the least time will be the winner. Arrange for some amazing gifts for all the guests as well as the winners.

4) Mommy and Daddy`s Secrets

This is a fun game. Make a series of secret questions of each the parent to be. There will be would be father’s secrets and there will be would be mother’s secrets. Ask the father about the mother’s secrets and see how much he can score on knowing things about the better half’s scale. And do the same with the ‘would-be-father’ by asking the questions related to his wife. The one who can give the right answers to the more questions will be the winner. As there are many guests coming to this occasion, send baby shower flowers to all of them before they leave.

Mommy and Daddy`s Secrets

5) Guess Baby Food

Arrange as many baby food packets as possible and pour them in separate jars. Tag the jars with numbers and make a list of the names according to the numbers. Call each guest and let them have one spoon of each baby food jar. Let them guess the baby food and match whether he/she is right or not by matching the list. The one who can guess the most number of baby food correct will be the winner. This will be a nostalgic game for the guests as this will take them back to their childhood and parenthood days.

6) Burst The Balloons

This can be a thank you gift to each guest for attending and making the occasion a happy one. Hand each of them a balloon and insert a baby gift inside them. Ask the guest to stay inside the hall or place after receiving the balloon. But pop them together after all guests get each balloon in the hand. The kind of joy they will get for having such a surprise will make them happy and smiling. You can get the baby shower balloons from an online site in reasonable price and designs.

We love to celebrate each happy moment in life. The above ideas will make your welcoming baby occasion a grander and happier one. Your guests will spend a good time with such fun game arrangements.