Top Questions to Ask Your Managed Service Provider Company

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Today’s IT departments have to manage and keep track of hundreds of tasks. It often takes more than just a handful of people to deliver these IT tasks efficiently. In fact, you need an army of tech-savvy talent to sail you through the heap of workload. Thus, many businesses are hiring managed service providers (MSP) to lighten the IT load. But before taking the plunge, it is extremely critical to evaluate whether these services are really necessary. It is worthwhile to check if the managed service provider companies provide tangible value before you partner with an IT managed service provider.

There are several important factors a business should check before jumping on to the MSP bandwagon. Business leaders should not shy away from asking a lot of relevant questions to the IT managed service providers. Here are what we consider to be the top most important questions that you should ask your potential IT managed service provider before making a decision:

  • How will your managed service identify and repair real IT problems with our environment?
  • Do you work as a collaborator and become a managed service partner with a company or your interaction is more like another business transaction?
  • Will your managed service enables us to stay ahead of the competition and how?
  • Will our business become more agile and faster in adopting the latest technologies with the help of your services?
  • How will you add value to our bottom-line and efficiency parameters?
  • How will be the return on interest on the cost of your managed service? Will your managed service assist us in converting our business to more cloud-consumable and digital-capable apps and services? If yes, then how?
  • What processes do you follow to maintain appropriate levels of transparency in IT issues?
  • Will your processes become a distraction for our company or will they add value?
  • What are your service and delivery standards?
  • What are the reporting mechanism and audit procedure?
  • Can your managed service deliver on our parameters of continuous improvement and constant innovation?
  • Is your team inclined towards in collaboration with our employees?
  • Can you share some examples of disruptive use of managed service that has enabled companies to prepare for the next big disruptive technology wave?
  • How do you keep pace with the rapidly changing market trends>
  • Do you have the IT infrastructure and capabilities compatible with the latest technologies?
  • What role do expert engineers play in the service and how many of them do you have onboard?
  • Can you share any references whom we can speak and interact with?
  • What pricing packages do you provide?

What’s The Real Value Add?

The above questions enable any business with IT needs to evaluate whether hiring a managed service provider will add real value to their business. These questions should undoubtedly be the starting point of a partnership. After all, IT plays a huge role in your entire operation and can make or break a company’s image. In fact, each IT move contributes to some of the other business aspect ranging from innovation, transactional activities, communications, marketing, or sales. Without a healthy IT infrastructure, your entire company’s success could be crippled.

Advantages of Managed Service Providers

What are the benefits of working with a managed service provider company? IT Managed services can actually clean up your IT mess by implementing the appropriate tools, experience, and practices. A reputed managed services company will provide you with a competitive edge by offering you increased IT efficiencies, faster technology solutions, and improved stakeholder communications. Thus, your company experiences value-added innovations and the ability to implement the latest digital services. Another benefit of hiring an MSP is improved security and reduced risk. Your MSP will know how to keep your data safe during a disaster by implementing a disaster recovery plan. Here are some of the specific benefits of working with the MSP:

  • Reduced Costs: Network disasters can be extremely expensive for small and medium-sized companies. Outsourcing IT network requirements to IT managed services companies can save you the expenses managing robust IT networks.
  • Technical Superiority: A competent IT managed services company will have emerging technologies such as cloud-based services, mobility, and digitalization. However, it will still be worthwhile to check if your MSP has some past experience of working on these technologies.
  • Enhanced Efficiencies: An reputed IT managed service provider company will have a skilled and capable team to work on your IT projects. This way you can have access to the best minds in the industry for any IT project.
  • Speedy Delivery: A dedicated service provider will respond faster and quickly implement new technology saving you a lot of time.
  • Reduced Risks: Evolving government regulations, market competition, new technologies, are some of the risks that IT companies have to face. A managed service provider company takes care of these with the help of his domain expertise and dedicated team. This way you can be sure to run a business that is secure and safe.

Have the Right Conversation at the right time

Get your conversation started much before you decide to have the MSP on board. Ask the right questions. Be clear of the purpose of hiring an IT MSP. Too often, the merits of managed service providers are merely measured by their ability to clean the IT mess at reduced costs. However, MSPs offer so much more value. For example, a managed service provider company can help streamline operations, deliver more IT value to your business, remain innovative with the latest technologies, besides just cleaning up an IT mess after taking it off your hands. The value you can extract from your MSP depends on the conversation you hold with the MSP. Therefore, it’s up to you to steer the discussion in the right direction and ask the right questions at the right time. Once you have the answers, assess how valuable the MSP’s services truly are.