Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an industry in constant evolution. These days, it is insufficient to be present on a single platform, it is more intriguing to integrate several in your strategy. After all, you aren’t at home. Luckily, you can combine them (or incorporate) together Digital marketing trends and on your own strategy. By way of example, use Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Ads to promote your blog articles, not to mention optimize your content for SEO.

You could turn a blog post to a short video and place it on multiple social networks, adapting the message to meet different expectations on each and every one. The options are numerous. It’s your responsibility to choose which platforms you wish to “perform” and determine which ones work best for you personally. In the upcoming few years, also expect to see artificial intelligence endangering our world with smarter robots, the growth of voice assistants like Alexa, and so on.

However, we will not merely record but also clarify the best 6 digital advertising trends to follow come 2019, which is predicted to induce real growth to businesses. So, sit tight and revel in the article.

Video Marketing

Video advertising is on the upslope. Internet users need greater video, and it’s up to businesses to adapt. Cisco expects that 80 percent of articles on the web will be movies by 2019.

I still have other interesting data for you, all harvested by Forbes:

According to YouTube, Internet video intake doubles every year.

64% of consumers are more inclined to buy a product online after viewing a video of this item.

A third of this time spent on Internet users is dedicated to watching movies.

On social networks also, videos are extremely popular, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

In 2017, Buzzsumo entered an exciting study that visibly proves that the movies on Facebook can obtain a much greater commitment to other types of publications (images, links). Native videos also appeared on LinkedIn a couple of months ago and utilizing them literally gives you complimentary visibility.

Lives are also getting more popular on social networks and an increasing number of companies have started to adopt them, even when transition seems slightly more difficult. As per a study conducted by Buffer, just 31 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed had a Live in 2017.

For individuals who did Live, 91% of respondents utilized Facebook as a stage to broadcast they’re Live followed by Instagram and Snapchat.

Often, once we think of videos, we think of filming ourselves in front of the smartphone after which editing (or delegating). To put it differently, it needs to be comfortable with the camera, a skill that we don’t naturally have. And in addition, it needs video editing skills (or money).

If you’re introverted, it can seem intimidating. For me personally, it was. So to begin, I first invested in editing software.

I picked Animoto for the value for money and its many recommendations. The benefit of this program is that you can create professional videos from images or mini-clips in only a couple of minutes.

This allowed me to find interesting results in terms of organic reach on my Facebook page. To be more comfortable in the movie, I also recorded interviews on Skype with screen sharing that I printed in my private Facebook group.

So that is what I counsel you to do in case you haven’t started yet since it has been demonstrated that visual content will be a huge increase come 2019 advertising.


These bots that make you talk on Messenger. Personally, I feel it has been barely a year since chatbots actually became popular on Messenger.

Chatbots may be used to boost customer service, send content or promotions, etc..

  • Make an arrangement
  • Redo an order put
  • Track an arrangement

You understand you are able to order a pizza without interacting with someone on the phone, Incredible!

Rise in Cost of Social Advertising

Yes, you read right and should anticipate this in 2019. These components mentioned in this guide could well alter the situation of advertising in half a dozen years. Because the question for promoters will no longer be: “the best way to reduce Internet social advertising prices and be current at low cost on a max of sites.” But “how to capture the real attention of consumers by being perceived favorably”.

However, this paradigm change should lead to advertisers – and their bureaus – to rethink their placement on how to reach people. And in the exact same time, internet marketing rates increase as the true attention of the users becomes a variable taken into consideration in the calculation of the prices of the campaigns.

But this growth shouldn’t be regarded as a problem for advertisers, on the opposite. Tracking, optimization, and targeting will help advertisers concentrate on impactful campaigns that actually affect the users who are their target market. And thus, benefit from an ROI despite the tariff growth.

Website publishers are going to have the ability to balance their business model between a premium formula and an ad-supported formulation, generating viable revenue, but using better-targeted campaigns, better integrated, more impact for consumers and advertising rates.

An Ideal Strategy to Develop its User Base.

Growth Hacking was initially developed by start-ups. Like every business, they aim to increase their turnover. However, more than any other company, they have to also make themselves known. Who can sell an entirely unknown product or service, indeed? Thus the idea of getting traffic.

A small example to better comprehend, Airbnb, you understand? Well, to make itself understood, this website has resorted to Development Hacking.

Each advertisement published on the platform was relayed to a different non-partner site but much better known in the United States (Craiglist).

In this example, we understand not only the concept of”piracy”: of course state that the plan adopted by Airbnb wasn’t so fair, or even the limit of legality. Luckily, however, Development Hacking techniques aren’t all this sort.

Obviously, nobody at Airbnb cared for manually relaying the ads on Craiglist. The process was automated.

Create Rapid Growth

Obviously, increasing your user base will ultimately improve your earnings. This is not a mystery: the more known and trusted that your products are, the more likely they are to sell. Growing Hacking, by boosting your visibility, will provide better arguments to your sales agents. The key is actually economic growth.

User-Generated Content

When we talk about user-generated articles or UGC (UGC), we normally refer to all or any content made available online, which could have been produced in whole or in part by end users, and also many frequently traded via social networking. The TOS may be videos or product demonstrations, blog posts, photos on certainly specialized platforms like Instagram, or some other testimonial to advertise a product or business.

These contents are quite representative of the growth of habits on the web, with the ever-increasing progress of social networks and online communities. As it’s true: Internet consumers are less and less fooled by unfounded advertising messages and they eventually have little interest in traditional advertisements touting the merits of merchandise that aren’t adapted to their own problems.

On the contrary, an online recommendation is viewed as a true validation of the quality of the merchandise and the seriousness of a new, with customers expecting themselves to leave honest ratings of their purchases.

And this is all the more important as the means to talk about his view are nowadays very varied: photos, videos, tweets. It is now measured that 70-80% of the content available online is user-generated content. But if Internet users find it intriguing to consult opinions on the internet, they’re also 59% willing to talk about their view with a company against some financial compensation.

That is an impressive figure which shows that the UGC marketplace is really colossal for advertisers. And the result of this is obvious: UGCs are a genuine asset for a brand and many companies, big or small, attempting to take advantage of this opportunity to outperform the competition. Today you ought to expect this tendency longer in 2019.