Top 5 SEO Techniques to Ensure Double Search Traffic on Your Website

SEO Techniques

There are thousands of parameters or signals involved before Google determines the ranking of any page. As it keeps evolving its algorithms, so do the SEO agencies to help their client’s double search traffic. Google has so far been the most important search engine as in 2017 also 79% of the total global desktop search traffic came from it only. Thus, it is a no-brainer that any SEO company in Chennai or New York or any other part of the world focuses on decoding Google’s algorithm.

Here are the top 5 SEO techniques used by these companies for the same.

Enhance User Experience

Google gives more importance to the user experience. Those websites that align with the updated algorithms released by Google to provide good and improved user experience always attract better rankings. The SEO companies across the globe, whether it’s a digital marketing agency in Delhi, London, Paris or Sydney, understand the importance that Google gives to the user experience. Thus, they draft their strategy of keeping the user experience in mind.

Keyword Research

For all those SEO companies looking forward to double search traffic for their clients, keyword research is of paramount importance. It should be finalized in such a manner that it depicts the nature of the business and should be in line with Google Analytics. Google keeps updating its search algorithms and all good companies – whether it is an SEO company in Chennai or anywhere in the world – keep a tab on it. They keep modifying their keyword research taking into account the changing algorithms of Google.

Keyword Research

Mobile Friendly

A big chunk of the population today likes to surf on their mobile devices. To rank high in the Google rankings, you need to make your website mobile-friendly or else it is sure to take a hit in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google has already made it clear that websites that are not responsive will not command high rankings. The SEO agencies – whether it is a digital marketing agency in Delhi or in Chandigarh – know it very well that the navigation should be easy across multiple devices.

Concentrate on Quality Content

The focus of the SEO companies should be on providing quality content. Too much inappropriate or sub-par content will jeopardize the rankings as Google lays a huge emphasis on the content. To double search traffic, it’s important that the content you post is original, relevant, unique and engaging. The more the focus you pay to post high-quality content, the more you get visible and people start recognizing your brand. At times, you need to post time-sensitive content, while at other times you would want evergreen content to keep your users engaged.

Quality Content

Link Building Is Always the Key

You must have heard it numerous times that you need to build strong links as they always play a pivot role in improving the rankings. Google gives extra credit for high-quality backlinks. The right links on websites in your niche build the trust of people in your brand and authority. It helps in multiple ways. As it gets a higher ranking, it is more visible to the people and thus the traffic to the website increases, relationships mature and obviously you gain trust and build upon reputation. Thus, all digital marketing strategies focus strongly on link building.


SEO techniques are meant to improve rankings and hence visibility. In the absence of the right SEO techniques, all efforts put into designing a good website or offering excellent products or services can go to waste. A good SEO service provider knows on what tools or strategies to focus on to improve the search engine rankings. These SEO techniques can help not only in improving rankings but also to double, triple or increase the traffic to your website multiple times.

Author bio:

Micheal Anderson is an SEO expert and blogger by hobby. He is currently employed with Techmagnate in the Boston, USA and has experience in the various digital marketing services such as mobile marketing, content marketing, video marketing, PPC advertising etc.