Top 3 Car Battery Maintenance Tips to Increase Battery Life

Car Battery Maintenance

One of the most usual issues faced by vehicle’s owners is the car battery dropping down its charge well before its predictable life. Let’s face it! We don’t give battery the due attention. We get to know when we try to start our car and it even never follows commands and enforce us to buy a new battery to get our car normal like it was before. Today, I am going to shortlist a few battery maintenance ideas that will not only assist you to maximize your battery life but will guide you how to keep it safe and sound.

Stay Safe

When you are checking routine maintenance about your car even on your battery, then you must take a few steps to prevent it from any certain damage.

  • Try not to smoke near a battery the gas it contains is combustible.
  • Do not paste metallic objects it ought to be caused to shorten its life.
  • Handle battery with taking care because the acid it contains can be unfortunate for you either use water to clean it away. Do not use your hand.
  • Always keep the battery away from your children’s approach.

Regularly Clean the Cables

Your battery terminals increased in the dirt over time. That’s a rust build up, and the filthy stuff must be cleaned off on a daily basis to keep your battery healthy and happy. Make a mask for your battery’s face LOL! To keep it safe from any corrosion you just need to make a solution by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water then apply this on the rusty battery area with a non-metallic brush and thoroughly clean the nasty stuff.

Electrolyte Levels

The battery water level must be checked because high heat can drop the level down. Make sure you check it out at least once a week and must refill if it drops down. Even with new batteries, you don’t need to be attentive too much for them. Never overfill the cells and use clean water to fill the battery. Well by the time you need to check if any cracks found on the battery you need to change the battery. You can do that in your car as you want but if you are using monthly car rental service then you need to consult the suppliers for the issue you are facing regarding the battery.


It is obligatory for you to keep your asset clean a car is not an asset you can buy daily. So, you need to take good care of your battery and avoid over speeding because it can heat your engine that can cause the battery failure.