Top 10 Hair Care Tips For Men

Hair Care Tips

Taking proper care of your hair is natural as you always want to look your best and your hair plays a vital part in helping you achieve that goal. However, hair care is not something simple. You have to take all the possible precautionary measures and you must apply all effective methods to give them the shine and smoothness they need to have for achieving a perfect look and the best hairstyles out there. And, when it comes to hair care for men, you have to be extra vigilant because men often have that ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards their hair. However, it’s still possible to make some changes to one’s lifestyle and enjoy the most luscious and beautiful locks.

So, if you are interested in getting the best men hairstyles out there, here we have a list of top 10 hair care tips that you should try to incorporate into your routine. It will help you get the type of hair that you have always dreamed of.

  1. Get An Egg Wash

It’s probably the best hair care tip for men that can help you to have strong and luscious hair. Though it may not sound to pleasing, it will help you give your hair the protein they need for the month. So, have an egg wash, at least, once every month.

Get An Egg Wash

  1. Wait For The Right Time To Have A Haircut

If you want your stylist or barber to pay undivided attention to your hair, you must be careful about the timing of your haircuts. Most of the salons remain quieter at the start of the day and also when they are about to close. So, it is good to have the first or the last appointment for the day. If you schedule your appointment as the first appointment of the day, you’ll have an added advantage as the stylist would likely be the freshest at that time.

  1. Do Not Over-Wash

One of the common mistakes that men often make with their course and dry hair is to over-wash it. If you also have that sort of hair, make sure that you do not wash it too much and try to have only one or two washes every week. Also, don’t forget to apply a good conditioner whenever you have to wash your hair. If you’ll keep washing your hair on daily basis, it would do nothing but to make it get even drier.

  1. Don’t Have A Comb-Over

If you have started losing the hair at a rapid pace, your best option would be a short crop hairstyle. It is better to keep it short on the sides but longer on the top. Doing so will make sure those thinning areas are not noticed by anyone.

  1. For Thinning Hair Shift To Matte Products

Most of the men start facing the issue of hair thinning as soon as they reach their 30s and 40s. However, there are ways to make your hair look thicker. For instance, you can style it with some clay or matte styling paste to make the hair look more manageable. Matte products are light absorbent and can instantly make your hair look a bit thicker.

  1. Apply Shampoo On Dry Hair For Removing Wax

If you’ve always styled your hair using a quality wax but often have a hard time while trying to remove it, this one is for you. Your best shot at removing wax from your hair is to use some shampoo on your dry hair, rinse it, and then apply shampoo once again. The process will help you break down the wax and your hair will be all clean once again.

  1. Pat Dry Your Hair And Don’t Rub

Men often rub they’re harder to get it dry quickly after having a hair wash. However, all they tend to achieve as a result is excessive breakage and that’s something really bad for hair that is already not thick enough. Wet hair is usually weaker and, therefore, one should not rub it too hard. Rather, one should pat dry their hair to make sure they don’t end up putting any excessive stress on their hair.

  1. Protect Your Hair While Swimming

Every regular swimmer would know that chlorine can be detrimental for the hair. It can chemically bound up with proteins in your hair and can make the cuticles to lift and make your hair feel dry, dull and brittle. In order to make sure that you limit the effects of chlorine, it is advised to thoroughly wet your hair using clean water prior to swimming. This will help dilute the chemical and the negative effects can be avoided. Alternately, try to use some conditioner before you take a dive.

  1. Skip Those Cold Showers

The cold rinses tend to constrict your scalp’s blood capillaries. These tiny vessels are meant to carry nutrients besides picking up any waste from the surface of the skin and must remain active to have optimum effect. Constricting them suddenly using cold water won’t do any good to your hair at all.

Skip Those Cold Showers

  1. Less Is More

A common mistake that most of the men make while styling their hair is using lots of styling products and that too in excessive amounts. However, as it’s commonly said, less is always more. And when you start using products sparingly, you will start feeling the more natural hair on top and there won’t be a greasy and heavy appearance either.

So, make sure that you keep these simple tips in your mind while trying to develop a proper hair care routine for yourself. It will surely take you towards better and healthier hair that you can style in whatever way you might like.