Tips for migraine – Home remedies for migraine treatment

migraine treatment

Many people around the world have a migraine or migraine visits. It is the pain of living in the head, which happens on one side of the head. Along with this, there is light and sound sensitivity, vomiting, and nausea. Keep in mind that headaches do not start continuously and you do not have to face health-related problems.

Get Massage:

Casual massage can help you treat migraines. Research has shown that compared to the people who resorted to massage, they did not get a massage, the problem of a migraine appeared very less and sleep was also good. Massaging also helps in dealing with the stress situation. During the massage session, the participants felt low levels of anxiety, heartbeat and stress hormone cortisol. It is very important because stress is the cause of a migraine. For more health and beauty check ex0tic.

Think about happy memories:

Thinking of a comfortable place, experience or visual in your brain gives you peace and your brain is concentrated. Be sure to remember about a scene that is personal significance for you. Start using these methods only from the beginning. When the pain of a migraine reaches its peak, it is very painful and these remedies can get you rid of migraine’s acute pain.

Add a little pressure:

Although you may feel that there is a lot of pain in your head, touching certain special places of the body can reduce your pain. When you have early pain in a migraine, put light pressure on your craniosacral system. By pressing your fingers to suppress certain places of a migraine, your brain is relaxed and restrains to relax and pain is removed. Although this increases the pressure on the cranium, it works to send the anxiety generated in your brain to the second place.

The high amount of water in migraine treatment (Migraine pain treatment – Drink water):

If you have been suffering from migraine pain again and again, then examine the causes of it and pay attention to the use of drinking water by yourself. Sometimes drinking less water also causes migraine attacks. Drink more and more water. Apart from this, fruit juice is also better to be taken during pain.

Migraine pain treatment

The measure of half-headache is Acupuncture:

Unlike other treatments, the effect of acupuncture is similar to those of medicines. But when you use acupuncture to relieve migraine pain, you do not have to face long-lasting side effects. Though people believe that acupuncture works only because of the placebo effect, but it still provides you enough relief.

Apple vinegar ( apple cider vinegar):

Not only apple vinegar has many health-related properties such as removing impurities from the body, controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugar, helping to lose weight, bone pain Reduce and relieve constipation, but it also helps to remove migraine’s pain. Mix one teaspoon apple vinegar in a glass of water. Mix one spoon with honey in it. By consuming it daily, you get rid of migraine pain.

Cayenne pepper

Canyon paper is a great home remedy, which can relieve migraine pain. It not only enhances the circulation of blood but also helps in the smooth flow of blood circulation. Apart from this, the capsaicin contained in it works as a painkiller. Mix one spoon Cayenne paper in a spoonful of lukewarm water. If you want to increase its flavor, mix honey and lemon juice in it. Consume it according to your need.

Cayenne pepper


Parthenolide is a compound found in the Feverfew plant, which not only reduces the absence of muscle but also reduces irritation. It reduces your pain by controlling prostaglandins. Put a mixture of Feverfew leaves and mint leaves in one cup of water and leave it for half an hour. Filter this tea and drink it all day.


If you consume apple during migraine’s pain, then you get rid of Migraine’s pain immediately. Following the simple procedure like smelling a green apple also reduces the pain of a migraine and its severity also reduces.


The effect of migraine pain is reduced by drinking a cup of coffee. Caffeine in coffee prevents not only the causes of a migraine but also compresses the arteries of blood that produce it. By mixing a little lemon juice in your coffee, its effect is greatly increased.


Many times the pain of a migraine also occurs due to irritation. When you consume foods that contain the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids (Omega-3 fatty acids), then the pain of a migraine can be reduced. You can use linseed seeds or oil to reduce migraine pain.



It is a kind of flavonoid that plays a significant role in fixing the pain of a migraine. A flavonoid found in plants are phytochemicals, which contain the properties of an antioxidant. It repairs the damage done to cells.

Eat nuts:

Instead of consuming medicines, migraine’s home remedies are often more effective. Chew some almonds on migraine’s pain. Almonds of daily headaches can prove to be quite effective remedies. Salicylic, which is a kind of medicine, is found in naturally almonds. It works as a painkiller element and helps in the removal of migraine pain.