Tips Before you Set Forth on Your Bike Journey

Bike Journey

Bikers know exactly what it feels like to get on a tour on bike. However, though it might sound simple, riding a bike and exploring the unknown terrains of the world, yet there are few basic rules which you essentially need to follow when you choose to travel on a bike. Whether you choose to travel alone or with family biking can be enjoyed only when you know how to go on a tour with a bike.

The basic concept is the minimum the stuff you carry, and it is more. When you are on a bike, there are minimum essentials that you need. So, that means, you don’t need the carry the entire home with you. Secondly, the less weight you carry it is easier for you to ride, keeping in mind that on the bike you have to carry the entire weight of your body as well as the stuff you pack. So, the basic rule for a bike ride traveling is to keep your packing controlled, carry less, but definitely, all essentials, for missing out on any of them can be adverse on the roads.

Why is it Important to Pack Mindfully?

When you are biking, you often cannot take highways, the roads which are extensively populated with cars and buses. This is owing to safety reasons inside the city. Even outside, food courts, hotels, petrol pumps are located at considerable distances, which might not seem a major distance to avail commodities and essential requirements, but when you are on a bike, you don’t have the speed of a car. So, you need to pack your essentials mindfully knowing that while you are biking, you will need more than even double the time in a car to get out to snack bars, restaurants, departmental stores to get essential things.

Tips for Getting Ready

Therefore, if you are planning to go on a bike a ride alone or even with your family, make sure you read through to know about what to pack, what to include in the packing list, etc.

  • You will be entirely dependent on your bike in the days ahead on your trip, so make sure you have done all the maintenance, checks, lubrication, breaks checks, a good quality lock, etc. arranged and managed.
  • Shop for clothing as per the weather. If its summer you have chosen for a trip light clothes is good, you can also choose full sleeve if you don’t want to get tanned.
  • Tan proof lotion, sunscreen lotion, are essentials you must not forget in summers and for winters your moisturizer.
  • If it is the rainy season, the umbrella is not going to help you will be biking; thus, you need your raincoat.
  • Get an extra pair of spectacles, or lens whichever you wear. If these are not available even a copy of your prescription can be helpful.
  • Since you can also take a bike on rentals, you need to be sure about your riding capacity. Make a note that it is not like taking services from bike rental Central Park in NYC and taking a ride of the park only. Tour is a big decision. So, you need to practice cycling for 70 to 80 miles per day, and champion over the practice to set forth.
  • If you plan to camp or go fishing on your tour, etc. make sure to pack all your equipment.
  • Practicing just with your bike isn’t enough, for you cannot forget your packing, those loads will also count on the real tour.
  • Your first aid box must be your best friend. You don’t know about emergencies!
  • Your credit and debit cards, traveler’s check is not to forget essentials, which you and your family will need.
  • Do not forget your traveling tickets.
  • Make sure that you have a folding bike if you plan to take a flight, bus or train on your trip.
  • Whether you are a couple, alone or with your family, keeping sufficient snack supply in your bags is most essential.
  • It is also important to pack a sufficient amount of medicines if you have daily meds. Pack them more than you require.
  • Do keep mosquito repellent with you, for biking in remote areas, or areas with insects and mosquitos will for the need.

Basic Biking Rule for Travelers

  • You essentially need a helmet ANSI approved, and you must wear a helmet while riding. This is compulsory for bikers of all ages.
  • When you are on the road, you cannot afford to lose concentration and focus, so headphones are a big no.
  • Biking competition has their arenas, and when you are traveling, you must check your speed. Your safety is in your own hands.
  • Parking your bike just anywhere is never safe. While parking by the roadside, make sure you maintain at least 10ft safe distance from the road where you park your bike.
  • Parking your bike near gas stations, doorways, etc. are never safe.
  • Make sure to get your bike checked at urban junctions and verify your ride safety.

Finally, wherever you take your bike rental from clarifying their safety rules, and requirements. There are several bike rental Central Park services you can choose from. You will get a good range of helmets on hiring as well. You can choose according to your size and preference. However, it is very important also to get a test ride for the bike you choose to ensure you feel comfortable with your bike. So, before hiring you can ask the provider to give a bike on trial.

Many companies do allow you to test and then hire their services. You can test the bike on different terrains, mountains, narrow lanes, etc. Moreover, the quality and strength of the bike, as well as the helmet, plays a vital role. Hire the bike for a few more days than your tour duration estimation, for a while you are on a bike you might get exhausted fast due to continuous physical labor. Therefore, make sure you ask the company their policies if you are delayed, penalty charges, etc. once you are all set, you can set forth for a happening journey, and make your exclusive travel experiences.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, and Photography etc.