Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming peripheral is vast industry ranging from laptop to tiny mice’s with numerous features that assist the gamers in the virtual reality field. Among them, the most important is gaming keyboard that unlocks the feature of high professionalism and quick responses while taking down your opponent in a game. Think of Keyboard and the only thing came to mind is key but the truth is different. There are a lot of features to consider while choosing the best gaming keyboard. Ranging from key-switches to Ergonomic layout, every aspect of the keyboard will help to enhance the best gaming experience. There is also some best wireless gaming keyboard that can improve your gaming experience.

Some of the major key highlights while selecting a gaming keyboard will be discussed in the review and how to choose which keyboard is best for gaming.


Want to play near your gaming screen or on a couch while having the keyboard on a lap. You can have both in one or you can have just a wired keyboard.

The wired keyboard has maximum 2 meters cord while the same goes for the wireless keyboard, they have max 2 meters cord that charged the keyboard and enjoy playing on a couch.

The difference that came with a wired or wireless keyboard in lagging issue as wireless connection may sometime cause connection problems. The only problem on the wired keyboard is that you to stick to your desk while playing.

Wireless keyboards are now more advanced with mainly 2.4 GHz or 3 GHz frequency that are hard to cause problems and you got the advantage of playing from 10 meters apart. As if you have a large screen then playing from away is the coolest to enjoy the game.


Gamers prefer to have the best tech in keyboard that can enhance the ability to play swiftly and perfectly. That can be achieved either to mechanical or membrane keyboard. But the most important of the keyboard is to have the perfect keystrokes that perform the function.

Membrane keyboards are the thing in past but yet gamers play with membrane keyboard as they are cheap. The introduction of the mechanical keyboard has affected the market of the membrane and now every manufacturer tends to have the best membrane that can work for the gamer.

Mechanical key switches are the new technology that enables gamers to have the best experience while play games. Mechanical switches need less actuation force to press a key than membrane and the pressing is authentic then membrane. That’s the reason that makes them costlier.

Depending upon your budget choose the keyboard with the best membrane or mechanical switches. Now there is a cheap mechanical keyboard that has switches but still, you won’t get any other enhanced features.

RGB Backlighting

A new feature that attracts the gamers to have an RGB keyboard that has LED’s beneath every key and gives a colorful glow while pressing the keys. RGB keyboard is costly and if the keyboard with RGB and wireless then it can affect the battery timing.

You really like to have RGB keyboard that makes your desk like a spectrum then try to have the keyboard that has a variety of colored themes. You can have now glowing keycaps and also you would know when you pressed the key, the respective key glows.

Some keyboard came both build in RGB backlighting or customizable backlighting. Build one can’t be changed while customizable backlighting keyboard can be changed either through application or combination of keys. With combo keys, you have to be too handy.


Everyone wants control over the devices that they have and in keyboard now you can have customization that keeps you to have that keyboard according to your wishes. By customization means that you can have some function by just pressing the respective key.

For customization purpose, some manufacturers tries to provide an application through which the user can add functions for a different key and can even add combination. Some keyboard keys can be locked that helps the gamer from unnecessary pop-ups like windows keys.

You can even customize RGB backlighting through an application which is the coolest part to have your favorite color. Most of the membrane keyboard don’t have customization but mechanical keyboards have.


One of the important factors that can have an impact on playing capability of gamer is the layout. Every keyboard has a different style and design. Don’t go for the fancy ones but choose the right one that can aid you in playing well.

Ergonomic keyboards have now high demand as that layout have unique features of keycaps structure and design to have every key exactly under your hands. Some keyboards are tiny as the keys are fused to form a combination and some are large having every key. Gamers prefer to have a large keyboard as they liked to be handy


A unique feature in a keyboard that keeps the user always in touch with the game. You are tired of lagging issue in the keyboard but now that’s not your headache as manufacturers have come up with a solution known as anti-ghosting.

Keyboard having anti-ghosting feature is always reliable as the keyboard will perform the exact function that you gave to it and there is no chance that the key functions will be lost. Not every key have anti-ghosting feature but the main keys are mostly used in keyboard could have.

The keyboard has all the keys with the anti-ghosting feature are costly. Most of the keyboard with anti-ghosting features are mechanical keyboard and there is less membrane keyboard having anti-ghosting feature.

There is a lot of other feature and things that should be looked up before having a gaming keyboard. In this article, the most important key highlights are discussed that could be helpful for gamers.