The best hand-picked smart watches of 2019

The best hand-picked smart watches of 2019

The smart watches have turned out to be a miniature smartphone and the ultimate companion for the youth today. It has increased the productivity of work to a great extent. These Smart watches have replaced the smartphones to some extent considerably reducing the damage usually caused to smartphones. The smart watches have replaced the fitness tracker devices because they can be an amazing activity tracker too.

The recent years have shown a considerable upgrade in the smart watch technology. The smart watches can perform many functions like tracking your exercise with an in-built GPS connectivity, measure your heart rates, search the internet, comes with in-built microphones and even lets you post reminder alerts for the day. It also allows you check-out at the grocery stores without having to pull out your wallet to pay cash. Easy online transactions are possible with the advanced smart watches today.

Isn’t it amazing to wear such a gadget on your wrist? Let us have a look at the best-rated gadgets in 2019 which you should consider buying right away and enjoy the exclusive benefits the smart watches have to offer.

  1. The Apple watch Series 4

The Apple watch is worth every penny. It has a display of 1.78 LED screen with 16 GB storage. The battery life extends up to 2 days and it has a wireless charging power source. This fantastic smart watch by Apple is waterproof up to 50 meters, and it has an in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to easily connect to your IOS smartphones. The speaker of the in-built microphone is quite loud and feels fantastic to experience the audio. The design is stylish and light weighted.

This has an exciting ECG feature which measures the heart rate. It is indeed one of the best replacement for a fitness tracker. Though it will not work on Android, it is an amazing buy for apple brand lovers.

  1. The Tic Watch Pro

This is an amazing pick of 2019, which comes with two screens. It can be used on an android phone as well as on I-phone. This is a top trending design with a transparent LCD display. It can even measure your heart rate when the battery is low. This powerful smart watch has its battery running for 30 days in low battery mode.

This smart watch comes with an in-built GPS connectivity, the Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy music, and NFC for using Google pay. It is worth exploring this miniature gadget on your wrist.

  1. The apple watch series 3

This is regarded as the world’s best smart watch for a definite reason. This Apple watches series 3 it a non-LTE cheaper version in Apple smart watch. It is water resistant; so you can go swimming with it, and jog while it rains too. The smart watch acts as a great fitness tracker as well. With an in-built GPS connectivity, you can easily sensor your heart rate, step counts and measure calorie counts.

  1. The Tick watch E series

This fully loaded Android smart watch is worth every penny. It provides the most accurate GP connectivity to sensor your heart rate, and its elegant design will suit all. Though it’s a new brand in the market, do not understate the fantastic features it has to offer. With a great design, and all essential features of a fitness tracker it can be your top pick priced quite reasonable. It can even be used as an activity tracker without having your smartphone with you while you induce in any exercise.

  1. The Fit bit Versa

A smaller and a much cheaper version of the Fit bit series is a perfect buy for those looking for a reasonably priced smart watch. An Android compatible smart watch has a dual-core processor of 1.0GHz. It is water resistant up to 50 meters and has an in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Though it does not have a GPS for tracking your running, it can be connected to a fitness app on your android. There cannot be a better version of a smart watch for a very affordable choice which looks so trendy and smart.

  1. The VTech Kidzizoom Smart watch

Smart watches for children are also a huge trend today. If you are looking for a stylish smart watch for your kids, consider the Kidzizoom Smart watch series. It is available in primary colors with rugged design look. This kid-friendly smart watch has an easy to use app which focuses on the educational needs of the children.

This smart watch is water resistant too and comes with strong resilient silicone strips. The cameras on this smart watch are great to take photos and videos. It is available in both digital and analogue styles.

This is indeed the best smart watch one should consider for the kids aged between 4 to 8 years at a very affordable price.


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