Tear The Fear Of Skin Cancer: Know More About It

Tear The Fear Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can also be referred to as Non- Melanoma. The treatment of skin cancer may vary depending at which stage the disease is at. In the early stage treatment, may be easier with minimal surgeries and processes involved. However, in the advanced stage, more complex treatment may be involved in order to completely eradicate the cells and tissues that have been affected by cancer.

There are many cancer care centres that provide treatment and care to cancer patients. The facilities take you through the right procedures to ensure cancer is completely eliminated. Sun doctors cancer centre is an example of such a care centre.

Treatment to skin cancer depends on the location and size of the skin cancer, the overall health of the patient, side effects that may come to place due to the treatment offered and the clients’ preferences. The various processes of treating cancer are as described below.


Surgery is the process of removing tumour and tissues around it in a medical procedure. Skin cancer can be removed with ease and fast in simple surgeries. Sometimes no treatment s needed. The type of surgery depends on the location of the tumour with the size also taken into consideration. The procedures are done by specialists known as dermatologists, general surgeon, plastic surgery surgeons among others. The type of surgery that may be used for treating cancer includes;

Tear The Fear Of Skin Cancer

Mohs procedure

This process includes removing the visible affected tissues or tumour and those surrounding the area. The tissues are subjected to examinations using the microscope until all the tumour is removed.

This method is also referred to large tumours, those that have affected an earlier region, and those on the neck and head section. This procedure may also be referred to as the complete margin assessment surgery.

Electrodesiccation and Curettage

In this process, the skin lesion is completely done away with using a curette. This object is spoon shaped in appearance and sharp in nature. This area is then subjected to an electric current that manages the bleeding and dismantles the cancer cells remaining completely.

Reconstructive surgery

This is plastic surgery in other terms. A plastic surgeon is in this case very much involved. The treatment affects the general view of the person including how one eats, talks and looks.

Before any surgery takes place it is important to confirm with your specialist about the side effects that may be incurred after the surgical procedure.

Radiation therapy

This is the use of radioactivity to kill the cancer cells completely. This may be an alternative to the surgical procedures to sections that are hard to treat. This may be used in areas such as the eyelids, ears and the nose. It is also a better treatment procedure for people who are afraid of surgeries.

Topical treatments

This the treating of precancerous conditions. The cancer is often located on the top part of the skin. The methods used to treat this type of cancer include photodynamic therapy, chemotherapy, and laser therapy.


This is also referred to as biologic therapy. This process is done to increase the body immune to fight the disease. It uses elements made from the lab or the body to improve the defence of the body.

When cancer is detected early in advance treatment can be more effective. The thinner tumors detected in the early stage may be removed and save many lives in the process. This is also advantageous as fewer complications maybe suffered in this stage. Protecting the skin from direct sunlight is critical to avoiding skin cancer. The use of sunscreen products may be a way of preventing skin cancer and avoiding too much exposure to the sun between 10 a.m and 4 p.m.

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