Start vaping to stop smoking – What’s your take on this?

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Vaping is the best possible alternative to cigarette smoking. It is an amazing method for stopping the unhealthy habit of smoking. Generally, people think of vaping as a much healthier option compared to smoking. Also, it will help you to save up on a lot of money, in the long run, because cigarettes have become incredibly costly these days. IT will not be easy for you to go however and buy an electronic cigarette and some electronic liquids. Your initial investment will be a lot.

You shall also need to find out exactly how your body will require much amount of nicotine. You should make the proper choices right from the start as it will stop you from going on to waste further money on your cigarettes or even picking up smoking again. In this article, you will learn about the basic guidelines of vaping.

Committing first is paramount for future success

If you want to start vaping, you should first decide if you have become ready for quitting cigarettes completely. There are a lot of people who do vape and also smoking. But you will have more chances of success with electronic cigarettes if you are decided on quitting cigarettes completely. This will also help you to prevent getting an overdose of nicotine in your body.

Cigarettes will be able to deliver almost a measured and regular dosage of nicotine to your body per each cigarette. Your brain will generally associate the finishing of a cigarette with being enough nicotine for you as a result of this you will not be picking another cigarette up. But with electronic cigarettes, this will not be the case. You will find that you can vape at all times anywhere you feel like. If you have tank models of electronic cigarettes, then you can have a lot more of nicotine than you would have probably needed otherwise in a single sitting. Thus, your body will be losing the mental cue about judging when it has had enough nicotine.

If you have decided on doing both, then it will bring you more trouble. You will find that you are vaping too much in the beginning and if this is combined with cigarette smoking, then you will be putting in a lot of extra nicotine in your body. The symptoms that nicotine overdoses bring are not particularly pleasing, and these can include anything from nausea to vomiting to even headaches and some amount of dizziness. All these negative feelings and experiences may make you want to continue with smoking cigarettes. Thus, you need to be committed in your decision to quit smoking.

Choose the correct level of nicotine in your electronic cigarette

The proper amount of the nicotine shall be varying based on a lot of different factors. This shall reflect you exactly how much of a heavy smoker you were. In general, the electronic juices shall come in five separate levels of 3 mg to 24 mg. There are electronic liquids available that also have zero nicotine in them and juices which have a lot of nicotine. You can try to stick to the standard levels at first and then you should try and check which level suits you best.

If you used to smoke more than one pack of cigarettes every day, then the chances are that you shall require nicotine strength of about 18 mg for starting with. There are a lot of people that feel like starting with a 24 mg nicotine electronic liquid too. But you can go for a lower dosage and see how your body reacts to it. People who smoke one packet every day can consider going for 12 mg to 18 mg doses of nicotine.

A great thing about electronic cigarettes is that when you start to use them for longer periods, then your body will be starting to crave for nicotine fewer times than before. However, you must try to watch out for the nicotine overdose symptoms. You can lower your nicotine amount in your electronic juice also. Some vape users end up using no nicotine at all and even stop vaping also.

Also, you need to note down that the vaping device which you use will also influence the level of nicotine that you intake. Disposable electronic cigarettes do not produce too much vapor. Thus, the amount of nicotine that they deliver is lower per each puff. The mods which let you blow more vapor will produce more vapor, and thus you will get more nicotine in your body per shot.

If you want to use mods then you must go for less does of nicotine like 3 and 6 mgs.

How to choose your first electronic cigarette device?

When you want to buy your first electronic cigarette, it is important for you to ask yourself some essential questions first. This will help you choose your device better. Think about whether you want to be discreet with your vape device, if you want to produce a larger vapor cloud and what your budget is. You will find hundreds of flavors of electronic liquids so choose a favorite flavor also.

You can visit Myle Vapor to learn more about electronic cigarettes and their usefulness. It is crucial that you find out all that you can about vaping and e-cigarettes before you start using. You must find something that is suitable for you and then starts using.


Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to regular cigarette smoking. Electronic cigarettes do not involve the combustion of tobacco, and as a result, they do not give out carbon monoxide. You can also be assured that these devices do not end up producing tar in your lungs. Electronic cigarettes are well regulated by the government. You can be assured of its safety. You need to choose the right level of nicotine in your electronic liquids, however. You can find several different flavors of electronic liquids for electronic cigarette. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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