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Standing Sex Positions That Will Take Your Sex Life To New Heights

Standing Sex Positions

No matter if you are on a date and you just can’t wait to get your hands on your partner or if you are just trying to spice up your relationship with hot sex, standing positions are a must.

The truth is that having sex is great. Yet, when you keep doing the same over and over again, without adding nothing new such as a new position, it may end up being dull and just what you were expecting.

So, why not spice things up a bit and allow you to have more pleasure?

Spicing Things Up

The truth is that we all have our own fantasies. And one of the most common sex fantasies is to have sex in standing position. Besides, if you add spontaneously, a tight place, and you will have a unique time as you have never had before.

So, one of the things that you can do is to surprise your partner. Just grab him or her when they are least expecting and press them against a wall.

Don’t Keep Doing The Same

When you are considering having sex standing, you need to know that it can be a challenge and a workout at the same time. The reality is that while you may assume that there are specific positions for men and specific positions for women, there is nothing stopping you from being creative and just let yourself go with the flow.

Since you may need to have a support near you, why not to use a counter? You probably already saw a lot of movies where the woman is sitting on the counter facing her partner while he penetrates her. You can also make use of a g spot vibrator before or during the position. Besides, you can also use the counter to change position and look at the wall instead while you are being penetrated by behind.

It is important to notice that if you are thinking about anal sex, you can go for it. However, you need to ensure that you are careful about the position since it tends to be more delicate.

One of the most common sex fantasies, when you are considering having sex standing, is a three-legged position. You can either do this is the hall of your home, against your bedroom wall or just in the shower. Yes, this one is very common as well.

In this position, all you need to do is to be pressed against the wall by your partner and just lift one of your legs and place it around the hip of your partner. You don’t need to hold this position the entire time. You can change it and you can also take the opportunity to use a sex toy for couples. Just be careful if you are heading to the shower.

Use All The Space You Have

A lot of people has the fantasy of having sex in tight places where they can go unseen despite the risk. So, you can definitely recreate the mood by having sex in the doorway.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself indulge into sexual pleasure and explore your limits beyond imaginations.

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