Robots are Software

Robots are Software

Although robots are hardware, they must have software in order to run and operate. Robots are machines that are programmable. Most robots are programmed by a computer to carry out particular tasks automatically.

Being a machine, a robot uses power to execute any action such as the application of force or movement. Bots are unlike other machines which must be driven by a force outside of them such as a human being, wind, animals, thermal and chemical as well as electrical power.

Robots, on the other hand, require systems of mechanisms that act in programmed ways to achieve the expected effect. These are systems such as computer sensors which not only monitor performance but also plan the motions in the mechanical systems.

Robotic Systems


Most robotic systems use microprocessors which are a major component of these systems. The microprocessors operate through embedded robot software which is built into them. In the absence of this software, the control program cannot work.

Robot software enables the machine to perform tasks that are beyond the ability of humans. Some of these tasks may involve speed and precision which humans may not be able to achieve. The embedded software allows the programmer to customize the robot for the different requirements of a product or assembly line.

The software also allows for modifications if the need arises as the robot can be reprogrammed for additional functionality. The modifications do not affect the hardware of the robot.

The microprocessor contains control systems which provide strategies of control that cannot be implemented with electromechanical controls.

Robots are actually computers because they use microprocessors, which is what computers are. In fact, most robots have multiple processors. Others have multiple sensors which contain processors. Without the computer aspect, robots cannot function the way they do.

How Robotic Software Works

Robot software is the backbone of robots. Other robot software includes:

  • Visual processing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine language

All this is part of robotic software which enables robots to perform the tasks they do as well as receive and interpret commands correctly.

Software in Drones

There are many types of drones. Some are mechanical and their purpose may be something as simple as taking pictures. Drones include not just the ones that fly and hover. Others are positioned on the ground and even underwater. Drones that fly are used for taking pictures and they are the most common.

A drone that can be classified as a robot has an end effector.  Aerial robotic systems, as well as ground and underwater ones, are able to do things such as enhancing security. The military, as well as the police, have such drones to carry out security checks in dangerous locations and send back information.

Medical Robots

Medical robots are programmed with software that makes it possible for them to perform critical operations that require precision that humans are not equipped to execute. Such operations are carried out fast and with minimal loss of blood. The scarring is also less than what a human surgeon might leave.

It is therefore for surgeons to work even from home since they are not required to be physically present when the operation is taking place. They can even be on a different continent. That is the wonder that robotic software is.

The software has become a part of life as almost every industry makes use of robots, computers and other electronic gadgets that are programmed with software. It is simply astounding the things that software can do and what it has achieved for humanity.


Robot software is what makes robots perform the tasks they do. Without it, robots would be machines just like any other that would require some form of force to drive them. In fact, they would just like any other mechanical device.

It is, therefore, safe to say that robots are software because, without the software, there would be no bots doing amazing things that humans are not equipped to handle.