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Searching for a decent torrent site can be such a menace in these times. Literally every single one of them state that they’re among the best, if not ‘the’ very best there is, but can you really trust such bold claims?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of torrent web sites that are brimming with malware and ads. It goes without saying – such torrents are the poorest in quality and should be avoided.

Just when an idea that you’ve finally found a decent torrent website comes to mind, it gets blocked down, mainly due to political reasons. So, what do you do to ensure that you’ve found a good one?

How to make sure that you are safe when you’re downloading a torrent?

Basically, the best torrent is not the one with the most seeders or the least amount of leechers – it’s the one that has the least amount of malware. It’s pretty safe to say that every single torrent is infected with malware to a certain degree.

That’s because torrents are shared by people online. Imagine it this way – a torrent is a refillable cup of water that’s getting passed around by the thirsty. Some of the people who drink from that cup aren’t necessarily all too healthy.

So, the best way to make sure that you’re safe while you’re downloading a torrent is to ensure that your anti-virus program is on. That’s, of course, your first line of defence. In certain cases, the most potent malware will remain hidden and undetected by your antivirus program. You should therefore use a safe download area if your anti-virus program has this option available or if you are able to sign up to a website that affords you this privilege.

Another, perhaps even better way is to visit trusted torrent sitesis to use a VPN. There are a lot of VPNs out there offering encrypted and private connection to torrent servers.

The key advantages to using a VPN is that your ISP will not know you are downloading torrents, and if you set up the software correctly, your internet activity, i.e. your torrent downloading activities, will not be recorded locally on your machine.

Best Torrent Websites

The currentbeste torrent sites are Torrentz2, iDope, Torrent Downloads, LimeTorrents, Bit Torrent Scene, Torlock, and, of course, The Pirate Bay. Virtually all of these torrent websites are clean and healthy, rid of all malware and spyware. However, this only applies to trusted torrents.

Since these platforms are huge, no one can actually monitor and filter new torrents fast enough. It’s up to you to judge which torrents are healthy and which are infected. Basically, the easiest way to do so is by checking out the number of seeders on each one, as well as the date when the torrent was created.

For example, if a torrent exists for a couple of years and has over a thousand seeders, you can rest assured that such a torrent is impeccably healthy. People are not going to continue downloading a torrent that is infected. On another hand, if a torrent exists merely for a couple of weeks and has but a pair of seeders, it’s risky to download it.

Additionally, each of these torrent website platforms have their own forms of comment sections. These are your most useful tools of judging which torrents are clean and healthy.

Most people will spam ‘thank you’ and words of gratitude before even checking the torrent out (mainly out of hope that it actually works), but strong accusations such as ‘this torrent broke my PC!’ should not be neglected.

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