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Online Education

Online Education  For the past few decades, education has been considered to be a factor in determining the eligibility of an individual when seeking all kinds of jobs.

Recruiters are determined to keep an accord over an employment that is quality. They have realized that the majority of the job seekers have decided to take shortcuts in order to make them remain relevant and competitive in the job market.

Many people have realized that due to an economic halt, finding jobs has become a harsh business. Therefore, most of them have started forging their educational document. Some have even gone a notch higher and started buying education in order to forge “diploma mills.” They only fact that they don’t understand is that their actions are not only humiliating before their potential employers but also their careers are finished. This brings to them a total loss of money, time and also the peace of mind.

What most people don’t understand is that most of the employers have started looking for quality employees and they do this through judging their potential candidates based on their education and the legitimacy of their academic documents that they earned during their years of study. Some employees have even started running a close check on the incumbent employees through conducting a comprehensive check of the individual’s educational background since most of them understand that success in education is a key to revealing a great deal about the motivations and credentials of the applicants. Besides, through conducting proper background education checks, the employer can be able to depict accurately the employees’ qualifications and also the motives and intentions of the employee to play significant roles in propelling the company forward.

Online Education

Evidence of forged academic credentials as represented by education background checks

For instance, in the year 2004, it was revealed by the US General Accounting Officer that almost 200,000 employees belonging to the federal government have exaggerated their academic credentials on their resumes. Besides, 53% of the job seekers as revealed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) give false information in their resumes and one of the four candidates seeking employment are liable to misrepresent their educational attainment.

 According to the ADP Hiring Index, almost 49% of the credentials reference checks and education background reveals discrepancies ion the information of the applicant. To sum up all, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners discovered that about 41 percent of the job seekers always lie about their educational qualifications. From the above facts and scenarios, it is evident that those employers who don’t scrutinize or verify the education credentials of their prospective employees they will end up hiring unqualified personnel. By hiring personnel that is under qualified, it might lead to high employee turnover which may lead to high costs in terms of making replacements and hiring new employees.

Online Degree Scams

The other emerging serious problem is the Online Degree Scams which many refer to Diploma Mills. Most people get fake diploma mills which they use to instigate fraud among individuals who are innocent. The fake and cheap online degrees/diploma factories have looted individuals from acquiring a fast-track degree. Most employers have been deceived several times by various websites, degree mills and diploma mills and that advertise very realistically, physical transcripts and diplomas. This prompts the employers to think twice when making a decision to use physical diploma as a proper evidence of the degree due to striking and rise of statistics concerning the resume fraud. Education fraud has become more prevalent since the requirement for education qualifications has also become much demanding.

For education fraud to be combated successfully, laws have been enacted and passed in which the companies that manufacture diplomas and degrees that are fake are regarded to have committed a serious offense.

Online Education

How checks of education background help to strike balance between the job seekers and the employers

Most employers consider academic qualifications as the pillar of the key when it comes to seeking and selecting of new employees. Besides, education is considered as a prerequisite when it comes to offering various and different positions because it helps in ensuring that there is the availability of knowledge that is applicable to the area of concern. Thus, education qualification can be said to be a license that one is required to have in order to qualify for a certain or next position.

Therefore through conducting a thorough education verification or education background checks will be the only way that will help to prevent education fraud not only to the recruiters but also other individuals who are searching a legitimate education. For online degrees and diploma should be verified using online education checks. The system is significant for the employers and students looking cheap and easy education background checks.

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