Moon Signs – The Inner You

Moon Signs – The Inner You

While most of our signs deal with the future or the predictability of a person’s nature. The moon sign has an altogether different and unique effect on our personality. The moon sign is defined as the place where the moon was when you were born. It tells about the subconscious feelings and energy that dwells inside our souls. It’s more deep, intricate, and internal than the exterior perspective. To have a better understanding of what moon signs are and how do they define us according to astrology, keep reading.

Understanding Moon signs

The moon sign is a distinctive symbol which characterizes your feelings and thought processes. This means that it affects and targets your primary values, virtues, and vices. Its influence resides in the deeper aspects of the soul. It deals with our desires, vulnerabilities, and fear. Moon signs shape us into who we are. The 12 signs that we will discuss are as follows:


Aries are energetic and always excited about stuff. They tend to be more impulsive and try to make decisions without thinking it through properly. They have this good luck charm that in the end, it all works out for them. They are bold and confident in what they do, which is why they are always excelling in their activities.

Aries can be easily frustrated, and their anger is triggered by little things. This can be quite damaging at times and will often lead to difficult situations, although their public speaking skills are of value due to their passionate nature. They tend to release all the negative energy within themselves through physical activities like sports or other hobbies.


Taurus or the raging bull might seem like an angry, frustrated, and difficult to deal with personality, but they are very kind and humble by nature. They surely have a knack for the pleasures of life, but they never let go of gratitude. This is why they are responsible and not superficial. Taurus people sure do have a downside to them, and that is their laziness. Taurus moon signs are lovable and an easy to go with the personality makes them appealing.

Moon Signs – The Inner You

According to their moon sign, Taurus energy has two elements of consideration. One being Relaxation and the other is content nature. Taurus is emotional and will need recovering after a breakdown. Therefore, sometimes, their attitude might vary due to their feelings.


Gemini functions better in groups. Their moon sign indicates a quality of communication, which is why they make better friends. They are outgoing and synergetic. Their talkative nature and mastery in the art of conversation make them significant when it comes to job practices.

Gemini might be the kind of people who seems to have fun always but are anxious when it comes to dealing with feelings.


Cancer is the healers among all the zodiac signs. They are the friend in need and will always be willing to help you. They are a bit reserved and loners who are comfortable within the limits of their home.

They try to make stronger bonds with core values such as unity, loyalty, and trust. Cancer moon sign likes to be appreciated and acknowledged for their sills.


Leo is a natural born leader. They have a majestic aura, which makes them phenomenal. Their personality is no less than a noble person who is fit to lead. Their creative ideas and common goodwill for the furtherance of people make them a good leader.

Their natural talents include music and art, which consists of singing, acting dancing. They have a lot of energy when they step on the stage and conquer it.


Virgo is the intellectuals of zodiac signs. They tend to be more creative and excel at critical thinking. Virgo unique quality is that they do to compromise on their goals and will always be wary of any criticism on them. They tend to take things seriously.

According to Virgo Moon sign, their emotional capabilities are at their best when they offer their services to people other than their families of close friends.


Libra is all about peace. Their best quality is their nature to resolve conflicts and bring harmony in situations. This is indeed a hard and onerous feat. Libra are rational than any other and holds moral virtues and principles as their guidelines. Libra loves art and some extravagances which can indeed become an expensive taste to try.


Scorpio can sometimes be called two-faced people because of their changing nature. It does not show any trait of hypocrisy, but rather their moon sign signifies how well they hide their feelings even in distress and always manage to put on a smiley face to the word. Scorpio feels more powerful when they are in control of their emotions, and that’s what they always do.


Sagittarius has a fiery independent nature. Their expression of independence is indeed a catch. They always tend to do what they desire, and nothing can stop them. This, along with their wisdom and adventurous side, is a wild combination. They are smart enough to know the consequences.


Capricorn is more realistic and practical. As their moon sign shows, they tend to take no nonsense and always focus on the serious and important stuff in their lives. They like spending time with themselves, and sometimes if they overdo it, it can cause problems in their life. They tend to get along well with people due to their kind and gentle nature.


Aquarius is known to be intrinsically innovative people. They have their world build up inside their heads. Their sense of observation and analysis is unique. Aquarius moon sign discusses its adventurous side. They like to travel and explore. This also includes facing challenges and taking risks. This is why they tend to be more successful or excel at many skills.


Pisces have an intriguing personality; their inquisitive nature and philosophical sense make them different from all the other moon signs. They do not open easily to everyone but their words, when put into action, are of a kind and filled with compassion. They are dreamers who wish to make their lives better by being good.

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