Making Marriage An Eternal Fellowship

Making Marriage An Eternal Fellowship

Marriage is the most desired kind of life by many who plan to be parents in the future. Spouses who in most cases may not have previous extensive knowledge of each other decide to unite in the act of marriage and bring up a union of their own. The story does not end with the union as there are countless cases of separation and to a worse situation divorce. When this happens everyone is left wondering whether marriage is really what it does seem to be. In this article we will endeavor to point out steps that you can take to ensure you will be able to enjoy marriage life. However, it should be noted that the factors we bring forth are not the only formula towards enjoying a happy married life.

Before we can highlight what makes an enjoy or happy married life or what many will refer to as successful marriage, it is important to point out that marriage is full of challenges. Weathering through these challenges is what translates to an enjoyable marriage that leads to a great life after marriage even after any of the spouse passes on. Below are tips that dictate what is is referred to a happy married life:

  1. Maintaining friendship

The gist of any relationships is to have a lasting and vibrant friendship. It is this relationship that dictates the kind of life the spouses will have even in their old age. Igniting jokes and play around each other is a great solution towards durable relationships. It is from the friendship that a renewal of love remains a reality and a chance to see a friend in your partner and remember the vows you made to each other.

Making Marriage An Eternal Fellowship

  1. Maintaining a healthy sex life

Having a faithful relationship where fidelity is observed would mean that your time in the bedroom is also great. This means that you will be able to accord your partner a wonderful sexual experience and treasure the quality time you two spend in the bedroom. When this quality sex life is observed, marriage is assured to thrive. Sex has been found to be among the strongest bonds binding the institution of marriage. Happiness and satisfaction in marriage has also been found to to have a strong association with sex life.

  1. Sharing laughter

Great shared laughter is no doubt becoming less frequent among couples. It at times appears a bit immature to burst into mirth laughter. However laughter has been found to be a therapy for dementia and depression. Couples need to find time to share fetes of laughter and enjoy moments. When such moments come, the couple can express their joy without any limitations. Laughter is also a great therapy towards fighting heart diseases.

  1. Taking good care of yourself

As a couple there is need to understand that taking good care of yourself is the key to a fulfilling married life. Take note of your neatness in terms of how you dress or carry out yourself, how you compose yourself and how you represent your partner. This gives your partner confidence around you and even in public. This is thus the key to a happy and successful marriage. You are the grand ambassador of your spouse out there.

  1. Avoid trying to change each other

Marrying is about complimenting each other’s weakness and using your strengths to cushion your partner’s weakness and ensure that you don’t expose your partner to ridicule. This means that you need to appreciate that marriage is all about caring for each other. Communicate openly what does not work but do not try to make your partner fit to your character. With this knowledge it builds your social relations and even for life after marriage should one partner pass on before the other.

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