Is it Advisable to Buy the Medical Health Insurance Along with the Critical illness Rider?

critical illness insurance policy

Health insurance is considered to be a necessity in the time of skyrocketing medical costs and increasing health hazards. It covers the unexpected medical costs which can be substantially high to indebt you financially. Health insurance plans cover necessary expenses related to your medical treatments. For add-on facilities, the critical illness insurance policy can be combined along with the health insurance policy. Diseases like cardiovascular ailment and cancer are not covered under the standard health insurance plans. Buying the critical illness rider with the regular health insurance plan covers such critical diseases. Having this cover, you can fight against the diseases which can bring the untimely death.

Which diseases are covered under the critical illness rider policy?

There are many diseases covered under the critical illness rider plan; however, they may vary as every insurance companies work on a different cluster of diseases. However, some typically covered diseases under the critical rider policy are:

  • Cancer
  • Open chest CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft)
  • First heart attack
  • Stroke

Buying a health insurance policy alone will not provide you the add-on facilities which you will get in the critical illness plan. Any kind of critical diseases can be life-threatening. It becomes essential to have a critical illness insurance plan which will not only help you to get better treatment but also will give you financial cover against higher medical bills. You will get the sum assured against the premiums that you pay at decided intervals.

Below mentioned are the conditions in which your claims are rejected:

The critical illness insurance policy covers all the mentioned diseases which are in the policy. However, there are few conditions in which the claims are not accepted. Usually, the following claims are being rejected:

  • If the rider is suffering from any diseases which are not hereditary.
  • If the claims are made before the waiting period comes to an end.
  • A rider will receive the claimed amount only if he survives a specified time after the disease is diagnosed.

Where to buy the Best Critical Illness Rider?

The critical illness policy of Bajaj Finserv will help you to cover the financial expenses during your hard times. The plan provides comprehensive usage and covers major illnesses like stroke, kidney failure, paralysis, heart attack, cancer, organ transplantation, etc. The critical illness policy of Bajaj Finserv has claims and tax rebates which will help you save a bunch of your money by claiming the tax benefit. The customized policy of Bajaj Finserv provides the coverage for expenses like the donor expense in a transplant surgery are covered, which are generally not covered under a standard health insurance policy. However, on buying a critical illness policy along with that, you can experience the add-on benefits of the plan.

Exclusions of the Policy:

Some of the major exclusions under critical illness policy of Bajaj Finserv are:

  • A pre-existing condition resulting in critical illness.
  • Contaminated from any natural calamity or nuclear activity.
  • Conditions resulting due to consumption of drugs, alcohol, wrong medication, sexually transmitted diseases or self- imposed injuries.
  • The occurrence of any disease as a result of being a part of wars in Military, Naval or Air Force operations.
  • Ailment as a result of any stress or financial loss.
  • Critical illness tracked within the first three months (90 days) of the policy.

In the incident of death of the insured person within the first 30 days of diagnosis.

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