Is Donating Blood During Pregnancy A Safe Option?

Donating Blood During Pregnancy

Kudos! You might be over the moon once news of pregnancy trickles in. At the same time become a bit selfish and think about yourself along with your growing baby. Women love to donate blood and no better feeling to help someone during their hard times. But as a pregnant lady, you need to think about yourself first. Once you are planning to donate blood, keep things on hold till a baby arrives.

What are the reasons why a pregnant woman should not donate blood?

A remark of accidentally donated blood while pregnant is often heard off. Medical experts forbid would be mothers from donating blood during pregnancy. No form of discrimination exists, as the body does produce extra blood during pregnancy. This blood is needed to sustain the life of a baby inside the womb. If you are planning to donate blood it puts yourself along with the circulatory system of the baby at risk.

Till date, no concise answer exists on why a woman should stop donating blood during pregnancy. During this time anemia is a cause of concern. If you donate blood this condition becomes considerably worse. Not only has this you are asked not to donate blood till the point you are breastfeeding your baby. If still, you continue with the process of breastfeeding blood bank will ask you to wait until the process of breastfeeding would over. A reason being a breastfeeding infant depends on breast milk for all their nutrient needs. Donation of blood would deprive all essential nutrients.  A period of nine months is suggested to replenish iron content in your blood.

In countries like US, a woman is allowed to donate blood after 6 months of pregnancy. But just think twice before you are planning to go ahead. One reason why a doctor may allow you to donate blood during pregnancy would be because of the need for blood transfusion. This means to your future self you might be donating blood.

Till date no apparent risk inherits for donating blood, why risk it in the first place. Pregnancy is not a handicap by any means but it promises to be a tough job. A mother has to be at her healthier best so as to provide the best care for the little flame inside the womb. Already you might be a victim of an endless number of needles in your stomach. Why give society another one? Though a noble thought it is better you wait for some time.

What next

Even you might be healthy then also you could be turned away from a blood bank.  Donate plasma while pregnant is a strict no.  A list of people who cannot go on to donate blood is long and pretty much endless. Just take into consideration that the objective of blood donation is to provide a new lease of life to some other person.

During pregnancy a person who would end up doing considerable harm is you. Just for a few months think about yourself as later on also you can donate blood.

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