How Well Office Healthy Snacks Can Help Create One Better Culture

Healthy Snacks

If you ever get the opportunity to tour the offices of fastest ever growing companies in the USA, then you might have noticed some of the commonalities. You will come across a ping pong table, one productivity enhanced tune airing the environment and open flexible working area for supporting collaboration across multiple teams. But, what will be the biggest commonality of all time? Well, that has to be the cupboards, which are filled up with an array of healthy snacking options. People love to munch in between works, as working hard makes them hungry. So, providing them with good snacks during those times will help you out big time.

Cultural influences you have to notify here:

The cultural influences of these snack boxes from are something that you must know now. They are certainly playing one big role over here for sure. Some of the cultural trendsetters over here like the Facebook, Google, and others will help in transforming catered meals and some of the healthy snacks options from amenities that you must have to those full of benefits. It is really important if you are making plans to recruit and even retain some of the top talents in the said industry.

Remember, when it comes to snacks, you have to be very particular. Not all snacks will do the trick over here. Right now, the trend is moving towards the healthier and some of the supplemented snacking option as companies are willing to check out on the most sought after employees demand options. It can easily satiate hunger but will not have any higher fructose corn syrup content, GMO or any of the other similar harmful ingredients or additives. This is one of the major reasons why office snacks need to be healthy and also becoming staple at some of the fastest ever growing businesses around the world. So, going for these snacks can prove to be the right option for your team too.

Sending you the perfect and right message:

You need to be sure of the fact that perks and culture are not quite synonymous in nature. For example, you cannot just invest some bucks in purchasing a ping pong table for the employees and hope to transform the toxic environment and culture into one thriving one.

  • But that does not mean that perks are not important for the growth of your company and establishing a good relationship between co-workers. Perks happen to be the part and parcel of your culture.
  • The perks you plan to choose will send some implicit and explicit signals to the current employees under your company name.
  • If you prefer choosing healthy snacks, then those items will tell employees that you do care for them and their health, making your move an appreciated one. It means that their overall health is the company’s main priority.
  • On the other hand, trying to upgrade the snacks from those of the low quality vending machines to something a bit more healthier can always be that easy kick off you need towards comprehensive health and the wellness program. It can always provide that foundation for some of the larger cultural initiatives in the near future.

Best way to improve the snacking culture around here:

Right now, people’s mobile and always on the go lifestyle is leading towards sustenance, which will fit right in the messenger bag or purse. It can further talk about the food items to be consumed right at their desks and in between meetings.

  • Some research and data results from The Hartman Group is backing this theory up. They have found out that a staggering 91% of Americans are likely to snack multiple times every day. That snacking has now accounted for around 50% of eating occurrences.
  • Therefore, providing snacks to the employees working under your head is like offering them with the options regarding the food they want to consume. It is suitable primarily for the millennial.

Good office snacks carry serious ROI for sure:

You will love to know that onsite gourmet chefs are not feasible for some of the most growing companies, but it is rather possible through some healthy snacks easily. In case, you are looking for that one office perk which comes handy with outsized ROI, then you do not have to look any further than the healthy based office snacks.

  • Providing that much wanted healthy snacks for the entire team is not just any relatively easy perk to address. There is also quite strong evidence that suggests that taking this step carries a host of benefits, involving your business.
  • Some of the online grocers have found out that the health-based office snacks are designed to boost the happiness of the employees.
  • In a study, it was clear that over a thousand workers, which is around two-thirds of the employees or 66% will enjoy free snacks at work. They are either quite happy with the snacks or their current jobs.
  • If that wasn’t enough, most of these employees will definitely prefer the healthy option. Around 83% of them have responded that consuming healthy and some of the fresh snacks like yogurt, veggies and low calorific snacks have provided a huge perk in the workplace.
  • There has been another study made which states that around 60% of the employees in a company agree to have free food in the office, which makes them feel more appreciated and valued for their hard work.
  • Now, where you are going to purchase these office snacks and how, depends on some major factors. It will vary based on the size of the company and even the team’s makeup.

The right help that you need:

For those smaller businesses with around 1 to 10 employees, you can always head towards the local health food store to grab the snacks you need for the office snacks counter. For a medium-sized firm with 10 to 500 employees or bigger firms, visiting e-commerce stores to grab the best products can work out well.