How to Write an E commerce Press Release

How to Write an Ecommerce Press Release

If your PR game is on point, you can often score free publicity for your ecommerce business. However, you have to have some compelling information to share if you want to get through.

Let’s face it though, when Apple sneezes, the whole world says gesundheit. Meanwhile, your ecommerce startup can sing an aria worthy of the Metropolitan Opera and go unnoticed.

However, nobody will ever pay attention to what you’re doing if you don’t give them a reason to look. This primer on how to write an ecommerce press release will help you learn to attract attention.

Start with a Good Hook

If you want to garner attention, you must have something attention worthy (or be good at making it look attention worthy). Thus, your press release needs a strong heading.  Let’s say you’re trying to figure out how to sell ebooks on your own website with a platform like Shopify. In addition to placing the release where it’s likely to be encountered by writers covering publishing, you need a headline that gives them a reason to stop and look at what you’re saying. A good way to accomplish this is to consider what you’re promoting and come up with an intriguing way to say it.

“Ecommerce Books Launches an Exclusive Lineup”

The Subheading Reels Them In

Next, you need to come up with a single sentence that captures the essence of what the release is about. As a follow-up to your headline, this needs to continue to draw the reader in. Thus, you’ll need to make the subheading as compelling as possible, while building upon the momentum established by the headline.

“Ecommerce Books Disrupts Publishing with an Exclusive Lineup of All-New Titles by Best-Selling Authors Available Nowhere Else.”

This tells people just enough to know where you’re going, but it also leaves them with questions: “What exclusive titles, which authors and how did they get them?”

Incorporate the Five Ws

Every news story must include Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. These elements are considered the five Ws (and yes, we know there are actually six). With this in mind, the body of your release should start with your location and the date of the event you’re promoting,

Example; Brisbane, Australia – January 2019.

You should then tell your story in 400 words or less and four paragraphs or less. Keep in mind, some news agencies will run press releases verbatim, so make the copy clean, concise and clear. Your opening paragraph should tell why your story matters (what makes it newsworthy) and you should include a quote as early into the release as possible (ideally in the second paragraph). This quote should provide some insight rather than information about the situation.

How to Write an E commerce Press Release

The remaining two paragraphs should continue to support the main premise and you should include one other quote in the body of the release. If you follow this formula, the five Ws should take care of themselves.

Include About and Contact Information

The fifth paragraph of your release should tell editors more about your business; who you are, where you’re located, what you do, how you do it and how long you’ve done it. You should also include contact information in case an editor or a writer wants to get in touch for follow-up information.

“To learn more about Ecommerce Books or schedule an interview contact Barnabas Noble at 800-128-2019, email Or visit the website at”

One other thing: Always include a photograph so editors won’t have to go searching for a picture to run with your story. Learning how to write an ecommerce press release is a good way to earn free publicity for your business. These tips will help you get started on the right foot.