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How To Use An Electric Trimmer

Electric Trimmer

About to use a trimmer for the first time? Read this article before you do.

Of all the regular beauty and skincare tasks, hair removal is often the most irritating one. Hair removal on the face is especially painful and tedious – you resort to threading the hair off, and this requires a professional touch.

You should use a trimmer for facial hair removal.

Why use an electric trimmer?

An electric trimmer is most commonly a portable, battery-operated device. It has blunt blades that cut the hair at the skin’s surface, without touching the skin. The blades are not like razor blades, and the chances of cutting or grazing your skin while using the device are nil.

The trimmer is useful for removing hair from smaller areas of skin. It is not ideal for use on large swathes of skin, such as on the limbs. It is most commonly used to trim the hair on the face, underarms and bikini line.

Do note that it should not be used for removing hair from the intimate parts of the body.

What to bear in mind when using a trimmer

  • The trimmer cuts or shears the hair at the skin’s surface. The hair is not dissolved or pulled out from the roots. Thus, you will notice that the hair regrows in a few days.
  • The trimmer comes in its own portable pack, complete with combs (to help you shape the eyebrows) and three blade attachments. Of these, two of the smallest blades are mounted on the same attachment. The smallest one is used for shaping the eyebrows, while the larger one is used to remove hair from the sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, chin, and jawline. The largest blade attachment is used to remove hair from the underarms and the bikini line.
  • The device can also be used on wet skin. However, you must take care to dry the blades thoroughly after use, and clean them after every use with clean water.
  • It is the best device for last minute touch-ups on the face, underarms and bikini line. You can even use it to remove stray hair left behind by waxing or depilatory cream.
  • It does not harm the skin or cause any side effects. It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Take care to replace the battery periodically to get the best performance out of the trimmer.

If you want a longer-term solution for hair removal

Though you love to use the trimmer for its ease and convenience, you are a little annoyed that you must use it every few days. Also, it is most suited to your facial hair since you can’t use other methods of hair removal on facial skin.

However, you might try more long-term hair removal solutions like waxing to remove hair from your underarms, limbs and bikini line. Waxing pulls out hair from the roots, so the hair takes much longer to grow back. The hair follicle must rebuild itself from scratch, and this takes a long time. Normally, you can have up to 28 days of hair-free, soft and glowing skin with waxing.

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