How to stop Google from Tracking your Phone Location

tracking your phone

It is common to want to limit the ways your smartphone tracks your location. A device whose work is to connect devices to networks through WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth. It is tricky to keep your location private, you may take an effort for it.

Some days before this topic thrown by Associated Press and they pointed out that even if a setting called Location History is switch off in your Google account but then also some company still have a record of where you have been physical.
Google spokesperson confirmed the location issue in an emailed statement that Location History is a Google product that entirely has an opt-in and users have the controls to edit or turn off at any time.
Google spokesperson said that we make sure Location History users know that when they disable. We continue to use location to improve the Google experience when they do things like to do a Google search or see comedy video or use Google for driving directions.
If you want to stop Google from tracking your phone that where you are then above some steps is given:

Start with Google’s settings

To stop Google’s ability, the First step is to sign into your account. Do this in desktop mode then open your browser go to then select on Activity controls option, which will be to the left if you are using Chrome.
At the top of your handset, you will see a box for Web & App Activity than Turn it off or pause it. If you are using Safari then you can find Activity controls under the three dots at the top towards the right.
When you are on the Web & App Activity page, you may see an option at left side that says Delete activity or to manage Google records on your actions.
In the Web and App Activity blow the box, you will see another field which is known as Location History. Switch that option off and in that same area, you should see an option link to manage activity.
When you click on the link to manage activity option, you will see Timeline that is a map view and information about where you have been. At the bottom right you will see a gear icon that gives you further options like how to finish your whole location history.

For Android smartphone users

If you have an Android smartphone then you can take more steps on that device. You want to go under Settings and select navigate to Security. Scroll down to the Privacy section than go to Location and click on it. At the bottom, you may see Google History than click on it. If you switched that off from your browser during the previous step then it should also be off.
After this, go back to the main Location page on your smartphone. At the top of the page, you will see a toggle than switch off all services and turn it off.
If you want to see that this step is working or not then you can test it by launching the Map app and try to have it detect where you are. You will get a prompt that asks Allow Maps to use this device.
You can also turn off tracking for your camera by same app-level permission page. Your phone should not know where you are and when you snap a pic.