How to Look Elegant for an Australian Event

Look Elegant

Australian’s are known internationally for our laid-back attitude towards life, and this corresponds with our parties. Our parties are loud, fun and always last until the early hours of the morning and our events are a more sophisticated version of this scenario. The laid back attitude also applies to the way we dress for events, always appropriate but never too over the top and flashy.

Aussie’s are the peak of effortless style.

Less Is Always More

There’s a difference between going all out and overloading your style with too many things. An outfit is not just a combination of the clothes you’re wearing but also your shoes, bags, jewellery and makeup as well. Everything has to be considered, and creating balance is very important. If you go darker on the makeup, try a less flashy dress. Or if you are wearing a particularly sparkly outfit then keep it minimal when it comes to the shoes and the jewellery.

In the word’s of Coco Chanel, before you leave look into the mirror and remove at least one thing from your outfit.

Balance Your Jewellery

Whether it’s dainty jewellery or bold necklaces, jewellery is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The right piece can bring the perfect dress to life, or can tie together the accent pieces whether it be the shoes or the bag. Statement jewellery is great if you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, be prepared for looks and awe from people admiring the chunky jewel encrusted bling around your neck or wrist.

For a look that’s more in tone with the Aussie style, dainty pieces are more on brand with the laid-back effortless attitude. Smaller pieces can be layered easily in order to create a bolder look with some pieces like the Gold Radiant Lotus Necklace from By Charlotte doing the work for you and being layered by design.

Classic Silhouettes and Bold Colours

It is perfectly fine to wear an elegant dress with bold colours, or a dress with out there silhouettes. But it is never an elegant choice to combine the two into one dress. Dress silhouettes that sit close to the body looks especially classy when worn in solid bright colours or bright patterns which immediately turn your look into something much more dressy.

Look Elegant

For more out there silhouettes like mermaid cut dresses or ball gowns, more neutral colours would be a better compliment as together the elegance of the cut and colour will be lost.

Attitude Is Key

Elegance is not only about the way you dress, but also the way you carry yourself. You want to match your elegance to your fancy outfit, so having a proper attitude is key when going to events. Knowing who will be at the event is key, having proper introductions and being polite is the first step to showcasing your elegance to everyone.

Choose quality materials.

Avoid cheap materials like acrylic, low-quality cotton, but opt for more elegant fabrics. This makes your clothes look better and more luxurious, while they are not necessarily. Satin, silk, cotton, cashmere, angora, real leather and suede are materials that are elegant. Thick fabrics that weigh down the middle should be avoided because they create lines that are not elegant.

Keep it simple

Wear simple clothes: not too many accessories, not too many layers. Avoid mismatched reasons. Do not wear too much jewelry and simple and elegant jewelry, without many frills and granted to your outfit and your activities. Do not wear anything that is too dressed for an event: elegance does not mean extravagance.

For example, an evening dress, heels, and a gold necklace are not suitable for shopping, but dark jeans, a high champagne color and a pretty suede jacket are enough to be elegant. A sweatshirt is not a good choice; it’s too simple and casual.

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