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How to Get Free Robux On Roblox

Get Free Robux On Roblox

There are too many ways youtubers will tell you to get free robux on Roblox like they will tell you to join their online website hack tool but that will not work because of that is made of for their own benefit the more you click on that the more they earn but you will not get any benefit or robux at all.

After the launching free robux on Roblox guide, I have update 2018 tips you can go and check all tips and method.

So today iIam here to tell you guys three legit ways to earn robux for free without any trouble or without any risk of account getting permanently banned. There are also mods that will give you robux but in few hours your account will be banned for forever and you have to buy the latest device to play the game again. so if you do not want any trouble with your account then i have three ways to earn it free so follow my steps it is our main topic today.

So Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started for now. and the guys who do not know what is robux or what roblox game about. Then read below we will tell you in detail and if you already know skip to the end and read that three ways. So let’s get rolled now.


Like as we buy stuff in our and your country by paying rupees, dollars, or euro or any currency work in your country. Same as this Robux is Roblox game currency. With the help, you robux you can buy shirts jeans etc clothes for your character in roblox. You can upgrade your tools in the game with the help of robux and spending robux are easy as a piece of cake. But earning it is not as easy as it looks.

If you are low-level gamer in this game then it is more difficult for you. But wait we have some ways with that you can earn robux for free two ways are free but another one is paid. And we recommend you to not to use any online hack tools they will never work it will just waste your time.

Free Robux

Because an online game’s server cannot be hacked because of their high securities. But the three ways I will tell you they are totally legit and legal ways and you do not have to be worried about to get your account get banned for lifetime.

it will be secure and it is not mod or hacking stuff it is just normal and easy ways to earn robux without doing some hard work. Now I will tell you a little about what is Roblox and if you already know skip to last to the steps. And Let’s not waste any more time and let’s Get started.


Roblox is a massively online multiplayer game. in this game, you can live another life as well like as you can choose being doctor, rockstar, farmer or anything you like in this game they will provide you themes the one you like you can select it for gameplay. This game is rated on play store is 4.5 which is really great. And it is out of 5 not out of 10 so this is really awesome positive rating.

 Another awesome thing about this game is this game is available for almost every platform. Like it does not matter if you use windows, ios, ios mac, android or even an Xbox. you can still play this game on every platform.

And it is not limited that android user will play with only Android users. Android users or Xbox or Windows users will play together in the same game. Like it is a merged game all platforms can play it together without any kind of restrictions. And now you know all about this game then now let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started to our main topic.




There is a lot of tournaments and a game happens in the Roblox every week you should participate in each and every one. You will get cash for every game I mean robux. If you are in a lower level in the game then it is easy for you because every time you clear the level and move on to next one you will be rewarded with few robux you can collect them like this. it is still better than going on online hack tool which is just mess i guaranteed none of them will work because they are designed to make cash to their owners.


It is almost the same as buying. Like you spend robux on buying stuff or upgrading tool it is also a way to earn robux for free by selling you some shirts or trousers or jeans or any kind of wearing stuff.

Like if you have 10 or more shirts and you like only one or a few of them. You can sell other shirts. And get some robux. But you will not get the amount you paid to buy it but they will pay you half or more than half of it.

But it is still a lot still a really easy way to earn robux without doing much hard work. And if you do not have many clothes to sell stick to this post we have more ways to share with you. Let’s jump on next one.

♡ another legit way to earn is by real cash you can buy robux from its real website or on the game. But if you want to get it free then you can just follow the steps I mentioned above.


At last, I would like to say you should avoid online hack tools. They contain the virus in it. And it was about Roblox and the way you can earn your robux for free. Stick to the post and comment if you having any problem with steps.

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