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How to Fix Bubble Gum Stuck on your Clothes

Bubble Gum Stuck

Winter shopping is a fun activity anywhere. In the UAE, it’s a mind-blowing experience. The only downside is I have a pair of naughty children who make shopping an exercise in watchfulness!

Just last week, I was at the Khaadi UAE store, checking out some traditional Eastern kurtas and dresses. Bright, vibrant colors paired with gorgeous patterns seemed to be the theme at the store. I couldn’t resist buying a gorgeous white khaddar kurta, and I was very happy with my purchase. So imagine my pain when I got home and found out one of my kids had spat gum into the shopping bag. My brand new white kurta had gum stuck on it! I was devastated but soon figured out a very clever solution.

Read and learn…

How do I Remove Bubble Gum from My Clothes

At first, I tried to pick it all off with my fingernails, but too much still remained. This is where I truly appreciate the usefulness of the internet. Some helpful internet hacks took care of the gum, and saved my elegant kurta, just in time for wedding season. Here are some ways that can help you get rid of the dreaded gum on your clothes:

  1. Toothbrush and Liquid Laundry Soap
  2. Cardboard and Iron
  3. Sponge and Alcohol
  4. Plastic Bag and Freezer
  5. Toothbrush and Boiling Water
  6. Wire Brush and Label Remover
  7. Butter Knife and Peanut Butter
  8. Toothbrush and Vinegar

Let’s quickly take a look at how to make each tip work for you.

Toothbrush and Liquid Laundry Soap

Liquid laundry soap can be a lifesaver when it comes to removing gum. You need to cover the gum-affected area with the liquid soap. Next, use a toothbrush to work the laundry soap into the gum and the fabric around it. This will break up the gum. Use a blunt knife and scrape away the gum gently, then pick off the remaining pieces with your fingernails. Finally, wash your garment in the washing machine as usual and it will emerge gum-free!

Cardboard and Iron

Using cardboard and a clothes iron, you can easily get rid of that pesky gum. Place the garment on top of a cardboard piece, with the gum between the fabric and cardboard. Set your iron on medium and iron the affected areas gently. This will transfer the gum from the fabric to the cardboard piece. Repeat as many times as necessary. Finally, throw the garment in the washing machine and it will be as good as new.

Sponge and Alcohol

This is a very handy tip when it comes to fine, delicate garments affected by gum. Always use rubbing alcohol, because it doesn’t stain or cause discoloration. Pour a little bit of it on a sponge and then rub the gum with it. Wait for a few minutes to let the alcohol take effect. Use a wooden spatula to remove the gum gently from the fabric. Finally, soak the affected area in a fabric softener and wash with soap and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly for a perfect-looking garment.

Plastic Bag and Freezer

Fold your gummy garment with the gum facing outwards. The gum must be visible to you. Next carefully place the folded fabric in a plastic bag. Make sure the gum does not get stuck to the bag. If you’re having trouble, place the fabric on the plastic bag instead of inside. Seal the plastic bag and put in the freezer for a few hours. This can take between 2-3 hours depending on the size of the affected area. Remove the bag from your freezer, take out the garment and quickly peel off the gum with a butter knife. If it thaws out before you can, use an ice cube or repeat the process.

Toothbrush and Boiling Water

Soak the gum-affected area in hot water. Make sure the gum is submerged, and scrape it off with a toothbrush underwater. Keep the garment submerged while you scrub it. Hang it out to dry, and repeat the process if some gum remains.

Wire Brush and Label Remover

Spray the affected area with a label remover spray. Give the spray a minute to start working. Use a fine wire brush to scrape off the gum. Use soap and water on the affected area and rinse out the label remover.

Butter Knife and Peanut Butter

Spread peanut butter all over the gum. You should know that peanut butter is very oily and will leave a stain. However, you can get rid of stains with a liquid stain remover before washing without too much trouble. Use a butter knife and scrape the gum gently. Expose as much of the gum to the peanut butter as possible. This will make it adhere to the peanut butter instead of the fabric. The gum will begin to get softer and less sticky. Scrape it off and use a little liquid stain remover before a regular wash.

Toothbrush and Vinegar

Heat up some vinegar, just below a boil, and dip a toothbrush in it. Quickly use the toothbrush to rub hot vinegar onto the gum. Keep dipping and rubbing the gum until it is completely gone. You may need to reheat the vinegar a few times before you are done. Give the garment a thorough wash to remove any smell from the vinegar. Your clothes should be completely gum and odor-free.

Gum in your clothes can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to remove it. Hopefully, this blog will help you get rid of it without damaging the garment itself. If you know of any other tips that work just as well, share them with us in the comment section below.