How to Finalize a Facility Maintenance Agency?

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Selecting and signing the contract with a building maintenance agency is not an easy job. There are so many things that you have look at in detail, so many questions are there which you need to seek answer to gauge which agency is right to get into a long-term association with.

What makes the selection process all the more difficult is the fact that there are simply SO many facility maintenance agencies in Sydney alone and when you count in the total number of maintenance service providers, the number only increases to some in hundreds.

Let us help you with the whole shortlisting and finalization process by giving you insights into the questions that you should ask to choose an agency.

Here is the list of questions that you should ask –

  • Are you completely insured?

One of the most important questions, when you are out to finalize a facility and building maintenance agency, is whether or not they are insured. What happens is, when the agency is not insured, any or all mishaps that happen while they are in service in your space becomes something that you get liable for.

There are usually four types of insurance that you have to check the agency for – A. Workers Compensation Insurance B. Umbrella Policies C. Automobile Liability Insurance D. General Liability Insurance.

Checking whether or not the team of building maintenance service agency is insured for the above mentioned four elements, would help in safeguarding your business in case of accidents.

  • Do you have the necessary quality control checks?

The next very important thing to know is about the quality checks that the facility maintenance agency follows as a part of their process. Enquire them about all the elements that are there in their cleaning checklist and ask about the process they follow when a discrepancy is found.

Knowing how they keep the team one step ahead of issues that can come up, helps in understanding how proactive they will be when a maintenance challenge appears.

  • How long have you been in the cleaning business?

While this should not be a take or leave kind of question, it helps to know how long the agency has been in active in the industry. Generally, the more the time of the inception, the more experienced and established the team of maintenance experts are.

So, ask them how long they have been functional, the type of maintenance projects they have worked on, the challenges they faced, and the solutions they found, etc.

  • What would be the mode of communication?

Enquiring about the mode of communication is one of the most important things for you will have to be sure that they are available when you need them – emergency or no emergency. Also, you will have to be sure of the timings.

What happens is that sometimes while the agency functions in country A, their customer care team by be in country B with a different time zone, which in turn would make it difficult for you to get in touch with someone who take the calls in varied situations. So, ask about the location of the entire team, the time zones they operate in, the mode of communication they follow, the point of contact in time of non-office hours, etc.

  • Will you share a list of references?

Asking for a reference, like question D, while not a deal breaker but is a plus point question. It always helps to cross-check the service that the partnered maintenance agency offers. Checking with the customers who have availed the agency’s services will help you in getting a much clear idea into how skilled the team is and where they stand timely delivery and quality wise.

So, while we suggest to keep an open mind in terms of whom you partner with, we would also urge to be careful whom you let in in the job for it comes with multiple consequences.

So, here were the six questions that need to be answered to help you finalize a building and facility maintenance agency. Now that you know what they are, get in touch with our team of maintenance specialists to experience true skillfulness.

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