How to choose a Real Estate Agency to Sell a Property?

You want to shift a house or a studio, and you want to go through the services of a real estate agency? You will have to define how many agencies you will offer your home and see how to choose your real estate agencies for an effective sale of your property.

How many real estate agencies do you have to exhibit your property?

Most realty agencies can give you to sign a restricted sales command. Recognize that you simply don’t just get laid. Indeed, entrust the sale of his house or living accommodations to one agency, it is a bit like taking part in double or left. Some agencies can create each effort to sell your home after they have the exclusivity of the sale whereas others solely wish to “return mandates” and can deploy abundant less try to sell your property afterward.

Conversely, providing your property purchasable in too several interventions will mean to consumers that you merely have to bother merchandising your home and so they will be greedier in their negotiation.

The idea is to pick out from 2 to four realty agencies by creating a variety in step with the factors that you just are going to be fastened. We are going to see on that criteria to settle on to entrust the sale to the office.

Watch out for the warrant race

Some realty agents are commissioned on the number of mandates they need to be signed. They’ll request, by all suggests that, to create you sign a mandate, ideally exclusivity, whether or not it’s by certifying that they will sell your property dearer than the value of the native realty market.

Flee this sort of agent! they’ll have little probability of merchandising your home, and you may principally waste it slowly. If you have got many realty estimates, it’s not essentially the agency that gives you the very best value to settle on, on the contrary. On what criteria do you judge a good real estate agency?

Like most sellers, your goal should be to sell fast and at the right price. You will need to choose the most professional real estate agencies that will allow you to achieve your goal in the best conditions.

Proximity to your home

We have already seen how to sell a property quickly? This requires a good knowledge of current housing prices in your neighborhood or city to be able to position the price of your apartment or your house at the right level to sell quickly. Therefore, select real estate agencies that are near the location of your home for sale. Agents will know more precisely the price of recent transactions in your neighborhood and can better determine the ideal selling price.

Proximity to your home

The professionalism of the agent

Also, a good real estate agent must take the time to listen to you and advise you. He will carefully take measurements of your home, he can inform you concerning the ten real estate diagnoses that you just should give, Associate in Nursing he should create a correct estimate of the worth of your property. Raise him what criteria he uses to see his value and what are the references for the sales of but 3 months on that they bank to estimate the worth of your property.

Advertising your real estate ad

Also, to attract potential buyers, the real estate ad must be very visible. Ask the real estate agent what will be the advertisements made to present the property (announcement in the agency window, on the main sites of ads, in local newspapers, etc.).

Financial and professional guarantees

Finally, you must make sure you have to deal with a serious real estate agency. Ask to see the business card and check the financial guarantee certificate of the agency. Finally, the rates of the agency for sale must be indicated. Agencies are free to exercise the price they want. So you will sometimes find strong differences between two real estate agencies … Remember that a difference of a few thousand euros can make succeed or fail a sale, and the real estate agency fees are negotiable.

Local agencies or large networks?

There are surely dozens of agencies in your area. You will find small local agencies and agencies belonging to major national networks. If they tend to deploy large means in communication and marketing, it is also a more industrial way of dealing with real estate sales. It is therefore important not to neglect small local agencies. In general, they know their sector better, and they will often be more attentive and more flexible than a big brand.


Feel free to ask for advice in your area on real estate agencies in your neighborhood or city. You will be able to perceive the degree of professionalism of an agency and perceive its notoriety. You will be able to be warned of the bad practices that certain agencies use and thus to avoid them. Word of mouth is often very helpful in helping you make your choice.