How to Change the File Extension of Several Files in Windows

As a Windows OS user surely you are dealing with various extension files that exist. Whether it’s an image file, audio, video, or something else. You have also experienced an incident when you want to change the file extension of several files in Windows. But the file you want to change will not be less in numbers. If you still use the manual must be complicated plus it takes a long time.

Well then from that, we have a way to overcome the problems you experience. Don’t worry, certainly the way will be explained as simple. Definitely curious right? the following tutorial…

For Example, Here We Will Change Image File with Extension From .png to .jpg.

Here we will change the file extension of the Image file from png to the jpeg of a complete folder. This can be done with two methods we will explain it clearly. Nowadays there are many sites with different video format here are some best alternative sites like Primewire. So if you need to change this extension try out these methods.

Method 1: Using Command Line Prompt or commonly abbreviated CMD

  1. All you have to do is to combine the files you want to change extensions by moving those files into the same folder.

Here is a screenshot of the contents of the folder containing the files with the extension. Png 

folder containing the files

  1. Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard. Then point the mouse pointer to the folder containing the images you want to change the extension file. Next right click on the folder and select Open command window here.
    Open command window
  2. A Command Line Prompt window will appear. Now to change the file extension as you want, write down the code below.

ren *. (Current extension file ) * Space. (File extension you want)

Because here we want to change the extension file from .png   to .jpg, write code like below in your Command Line Prompt window.

Command Line Prompt

 ren * .png * .jpg 

Explanation of the above code is

  • ren is a code from windows that serves to rename or rename files, folders, and others.
  • * Symbol is a code from windows that serves to select all the file name or folder in question. (here files with extension. png and. jpg )

After you type the above code, the next step press ENTER button.

After running it, all the extension files that will be changed .png to .jpg in just seconds.

extension files

Method 2: Using the .bat file

  1. The first step you should do is to go to the folder containing the file or the images you want to change the extension.

After that enter the directory or folder, create new text document by right clicking your mouse. Point the mouse pointer to the new option and select Text Document.

Text Document

  1. The second step ie, type the code as shown below on the notepad you

 ren * .png*.jpg 


After typing the above code, next is select Save As on the notepad menu to save the file, name the file as you want. Don’t forget to Save as type option to be All Files, and file extension must be changed to. bat.

file extension

Make sure you save the file in the folder containing the image file you want to change the extension.

If you are correct in saving the file, then the file icon that was shaped text will be changed to as below.

You can see that the extension file in the image below is still a.png 

extension file in the image

Try to run the .bat file and voila. All the image files with the extension. Png before, now it has changed to .jpg in just seconds.

bat file and voila

How easy and simple in replacing extension files in windows. By the way above we will be able to solve your problem in replacing file extension in just seconds.

The above method is not only applicable in changing the .png file extension to .jpg only. If you want to change into another extension, the above method can really be applied.

If you are still confused or something to ask about the tutorial above, Ask by writing your comment on the comment field provided.