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How Do Yo Ensure Privacy For Your Internet Activities

Ensure Privacy

Using a VPN to torrent files from the internet is one of the safest ways to download content. VPN services offer secure mechanisms to torrent file. Whether it be for your business or to camouflage your online activities, a VPN is a must for modern day internet users.

You can use VPNs to stream movie sites that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may ban, access various Netflix movies in multiple languages by tuning into another country’s version of Netflix, and you can get around geo-restrictions set on some websites.

For example, there are quite a few people in Italy that like to look at the news and other content. It is OK to read the content and the football as well as other sports updates, but the BBC has a geo-restriction on many of its videos. This prevents people in countries such as Italy from watching this video content. In order to get around this, a VPN can be used by accessing a VPN server within the UK. This will give the Italian user a UK IP address and the BBC website will allow the user to stream its video content.

How does it work?

Classic client-server VPN models protect the information that you want to extract by using a so-called “tunnel” around the channel via which you intend to download your data. This “tunnel” collapses the route that your information is traveling as soon as it senses that someone is trying to capture your information and finds an alternate route.

Here are some of the best torrent sites of Virtual private networks (VPN’s) available.

  • NordVPN supports a variety of networking. They provide and cater for OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP and a bunch of other protocols.
  • Other sites, such as CyberGhost, is especially useful if you want to access Netflix content that is limited to a geographical area. The VPN protects your identity to such an extent that service providers won’t be able to tell which country you are from, making access to Netflix America, for example, possible.
  • Sites such as ExpressVPN also caters for peer-to-peer traffic of data and provides the best holistic VPN covering all of the important bases. This platform ensures a wide enough bandwidth on their servers and has an excellent track record to prove its functionality.

Why would I want to use a VPN to torrent content?

The answer to this question is a very simple one. If you torrent anything that has copyright protection, it is an illegal activity. The repercussions of your illegal downloading of copyrighted content could cause a rather big hole in your pocket.

To torrent programs or music will not necessarily result in you going to jail, but if caught, it may very well result in the company (who legally owns the content) to sue you. This may result in you ending up wishing that you have rather gone to jail.

Downloading copyrighted content from the internet, without paying for it, is a civil offence. This means that a company could demand in a court of law, that you pay for the content that you downloaded, with a heavy penalty included. If you end up not paying this fine, your civil case may become a criminal one and you may end up going to jail for up to five years. Fines could go anything up to $150 000 per file.

Thus, if you downloaded an album containing 10 songs, that is 1.5 million US Dollars!

To conclude, the best torrent advice anyone could ask for would be to use a virtual private network to make specific content accessible to your computer. Using any one of the VPN’s would minimize the risk of getting busted by authorities and reducing the risk of being hacked, receiving a fine or even worse- jail-time.

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