Home Decorating Tips within Budget for an Upcoming Apartment in Sarjapur

Home Decorating Tips

If you have been looking for a cozy and comfortable stay in Bangalore, apartments in Sarjapur could be a nice option. Sarjapur is located to the South East of Bangalore city and has one of the best connectivity to almost all the IT hubs of the city. Another big advantage of buying or renting apartments in Sarjapur Road is it’s not heavy on your pocket. Compared to Whitefield, Koramangala, Indira Nagar, Sarjapur apartments are available at much lesser costs.

Owing to its easy and fast connectivity with areas like Bellandur, Marathahalli, Whitefield in the East, Domlur, Indiranagar down far west and HSR and Koramangala in its Northern side, quite a good number of state-of-the-art hospitals, schools, shopping malls and eating joints are accessible from this area. So, right from grocery to your toiletries to your clothes, all can be bought from at least 4 to 5 malls that are standing in its vicinity.

Once you have bought or rented a cozy apartment near Sarjapur or any other nearby locality in Bangalore, your next big priority is decorating your home within budget. It’s better if you kept your budget to the minimum, as there are numerous other attributes you’d have to take care of once you start living in and commuting from this area.

How to decorate your home in a budget

Let’s have a macro outlook on what all goes into finishing a home. You would basically focus on the following areas when it comes to decorating a house:

  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Woodworks
  • Curtains
  • Kitchen Utilities
  • Beds and Sofas
  • Home Decor

It’s always better to occupy semi-furnished apartments, the ones that come with readymade cupboards and modular kitchen, geyser in all bathrooms, and an RO plant for filtered water. However, the accessories that need your immediate attention would include:

  • Lighting fixtures

LED is the rage these days. Tubelights cost a mere Rs. 200 and consume just 16 watts of power besides providing excellent lumens in terms of brightness. Look for LED strip lights which can be nestled in a cove and thus one can save on luminaires.

Instead of going in for storage geysers, look for instant geysers which save on energy as also an upfront price.

  • Woodwork

Modular closets will cost Rs. 1200 per square feet. Instead look for Chinese substitute wooden closets which are much cheaper.

It also gives your restroom a better look if you got some wooden racks made to keep your towels and other washroom accessories. Do remember to get the woods a coat of plastic paint to avoid dampness and rotting.

  • Curtains

Look for Polyester curtains. Add a screen sheet behind the curtains to keep out the light during daytime. Instead of boxed valances and pelmets look for plain vanilla curtain rods. Keep the color of your curtains in tune with the color of the wall or the floor. That accentuates your mood and gives a soothing effect after you’ve been back home from a busy day at school.

  • Kitchen utilities

If you really wish to give a smart and creative look to your kitchen, while checking on the longevity of the materials used, go for iron wok or aluminum or bronze cooking items. These iron ore or bronze utilities may be a wee bit more expensive than the fragile china clay ones, but they are worth a buy both for health and for fast cooking.

Of course keep your serving dishes of good quality bronze, as food is the most important aspect of your daily lives and a little extra expense to maintain health and hygiene is a must.

  • Beds and Sofas

Well, you need to make sure your beds are sturdy and made up of good quality wood. The best way of budgeting these two is to visit a good store and get a hang of the good quality beds and sofas there and then custom design your choice from a second-hand dealer.

  • Home Décor

I would any day do up my apartment according to Vedic vastu when it comes to decorating. Vastu says you should put ample lamps and scented candles in the North East corner, all sculptures of deities or Lord Buddha at the Northern corner. On the Western side, keep some nice water vessels and maybe picture frames of your family. South is for plants and all earthly things. Some nice prayer flags on the window and a small chiming bell at the door can actually do wonders to give your house a very modern at the same time divine look.

So, when you have finally managed to get a good bargain by deciding to take up an accommodation in the upcoming apartments in Sarjapur road, following these tips can really give your house an upmarket look while you have saved a good amount of cash by not buying what is trendy and expensive.