Explore the World of Salesforce DX: The Merits & Demerits

Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX has come up for effectively facilitating the Salesforce developers in generating and efficiently managing all the Salesforce applications throughout the entire development lifecycle. This ground-breaking platform was actually developed for boosting productivity levels thanks to much-improved collaboration and well-enhanced control. In this context, you must understand that there was no built-in Version Control System and that is precisely the reason why Salesforce Developer Experience has been introduced. Thanks to the brilliant version control feature, developers today are able to manage effortlessly both the audit, as well as, the testing processes more effectively.

By integrating automatic functions along with the manual actions, Salesforce DX would enable developers to effectively build and release the upgraded and the updated highlights or features within a relatively short time span and minimal risk. You must understand that the Salesforce DX is really useful in increasing developer efficiency and productivity via enhanced flexibility with a broad spectrum of innovative tools to boost proficiency.

Improving the lifecycle environment, in general, would imply having the right collaborative tools to effectively provide governance, cloud security, and of course, compliance. We know that Salesforce DX is pretty effective in boosting overall developer efficiency and productivity thanks to the greater flexibility and a broad spectrum of innovative tool offering to generate simple workflows.

We understand that Salesforce is a truly reliable and reputed social enterprise SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider and cloud computing solution and offers a plethora of development tools that are strategically located within the much-trusted Salesforce App Cloud. Salesforce DX helps consumers in developing and managing Salesforce apps seamlessly across the whole platform in an effective and direct way. If you wish to make the most of Salesforce DX, you must understand the merits and demerits of this tool.

Why Was Salesforce DX Launched?

In the existing model, we know that the Production Org is regarded as the actual ‘source of truth’ for configuration, code, and even customizations. We know that the releases and the updates are developed thanks to a deployment that is scoped to actually the Production Org. The advantage of this approach is that the team would be conversant with the technologies and the entire lifecycle. However, it could prove to be really challenging in coordination within the team and also, the version control would not be seamless.

Moreover, the model in question did not have the capacity to support a truly agile methodology or even continuous integration. There were difficulties in automating testing, rolling-back releases, or even generating a separate version of the modules. These were the precise reasons why Salesforce DX was launched as it could tackle these drawbacks and really be of great help to the developers and admins too. You could browse, the best platform supporting seamless Salesforce app delivery.

Some Salesforce DX Merits

  • Enhances both team development, as well as, team collaboration.
  • Facilitates continuous integration & automated testing.
  • Helps in making the release cycle agile, and also, efficient.
  • Helps in generating an Org to transfer all metadata, and also, the application source directly into it from GitHub.
  • Sets up effectively a workspace for the developer.
  • Provides an open technology.
  • Allows the use of whatever tool you like for modifying the code. (Vim, CLI, Sublime, Atom, and others.)

Some Salesforce DX Demerits

  • As Salesforce DX is a new concept, some features could be missing and you may encounter bugs.
  • There is a substantial learning curve involved as all team members need to get accustomed to a new technology and a brand new development cycle.
  • Salesforce DX could prove to be challenging as far as troubleshooting is concerned.
  • It necessitates the use of excessive command line instructions.


Salesforce DX is known for its versatility and is actually, a seamlessly integrated lifecycle tool which supports agile development. Its flexibility would help developers in using a broad spectrum of tools for boosting efficiency. Salesforce is supposed to be a fascinating cloud platform that is truly dedicated to improving the developer experience.