Enhancement In Technology

Enhancement In Technology

Nowadays people are becoming too advanced and they want to see changes in each and everything let it be a charger, headphones or androids because of this NEW ANDROID PHONES are being introduced day by day at a very large scale. Even customers are buying these new phones at a very high cost. Some buy it for a useful purpose or some buys for the sake of status. One having new and latest gadgets in the hand considered as to be rich in the society and their status level gradually increases. But it’s not true that the updated gadgets are the status symbols. Instead, these are made to offer a different kind of applications which helps to do the difficult work in an easy way. The development in the Android is not for showing off but is for giving a better quality to the customer. One can easily find many types of Android phones in the market with the best latest features. Now it’s up to the user that if they want a model to show or a one to be used to avail ease in work.


A question can come in the mind of every person that “How these changes had been added in these Android phones?” and the answer for it is the “NEW TECHNOLOGY“. Yes as the technology is getting increased new methods are being discovered to make necessary changes whenever required. Nowadays the miniaturization of electronics and the enhancement of technology are providing developed application and versions. This technology helps to create a new mobile with latest features and the one which is easy to use. Children, older people or anyone can easily use them without facing any difficulties.


  • Samsung A80: It has a sliding and rotatory camera and it is a new mid-range series of Samsung mobiles.
  • Samsung Galaxy A70: Having excellent hardware along with the larger screen. It also has three rear cameras and also has good memory storage with a beefier battery.
  • Stadia: Launched by Google,a games new service and officially it is known as Stadia.
  • IPad Air and iPad Mini: Apple has launched a much cheaper version with better quality for the mid-range user who wants to avail Apple at a medium cost. It also has internal and pencil support.
  • Android Q beta: New Android application which can be used on pixel phones.


  • Electro vibration: This technology helps to get an improved feel and touch feature in the Android phones.
  • Speech-to-speech translation:  It helps an individual communicate worldwide with anyone in their language by using this translator
  • Wireless Technology: It makes many works easier to do.
  • Enhanced smartphones: It provides flexible and easy to use gadgets.

Similarly, many more technologies are being added in the Android phone which saves time because they are much faster than the prior one.

By the above following information, we can interpret that how much enhancement is going to be done in the near future because people want more new technology and hence the provider is doing that for them.

But when it comes to buying consumer can get confused as there is a loyalty difference because many manufacturers don’t provide what they say. Hence people have to think twice or thrice before purchasing a new one but you can see the reviews, you can talk to the providers itself before purchasing or switching. You can choose the best from a large variety of models.


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