Effective ways to monetize your Business app

Business app

Putting down every piece of your mind for years and months and carry out research to get a perfect app creation idea and shelling out money to make your idea come true. If you think you are done with this, definitely no is the answer. Even if your application is technically strong and completely user-friendly still it may miss getting enough number of downloads. These are due to the lack of advertisement.

If People aren’t aware of the existence of such an application then how will the download number increase? So, the job is incomplete only with the creation of the application. Today we are living in a highly competitive world where advertising or finding some way to get connected with people is the key to success.

Focusing enough to create a bigger reach to the people is equally important as time spent on creating the app. Monetization doesn’t stop with earning the invested amount but exploring the possible ways through which the app can be converted to a continuous revenue generating system.

Be choosy on advertisements

While offering the application free to install, a majority of the development companies rely on the revenue they obtain through ads displayed over the application. But one must be very careful before allowing ads. Inappropriate ads can wreck your application down. It mustn’t irritate the user forcing them to uninstall the app in order to get rid of them. So always have a keen eye on advertisements displayed and make sure no complaints arise at the user end.

Offer ad-free app experience

Many users are ready to pay a mere amount to enjoy ad-free app experience. You can make use of this strategy to generate income as well as provide users with an enhanced application experience. You can also allow the user to enjoy the ad-free experience for a certain period of time as a trial version. If the customers are impressed with the experience then there are chances to grow income.

Think about freemium

On comparing to the Paid and Paymium apps freemium are the ones that get the highest number of downloads according to a survey. This option works the best when you are highly confident about the application. Especially for a startup app Development Company this method can be absolutely fruitful. If your app is built has the ability to tempt your customers to pay in order to reach the next level or enjoy all the features; then this strategy can take you to great heights.

Localize your offers

In order to keep your users engaged in an app, provide them with a discount on a certain purchase or offer them some kind of coupon codes. The codes actually work tremendously especially when the offer is localized. For example, offering a coupon to have free dinner in a nearby store of the user will definitely impress the consumer. Localization has proven to be the best working strategy; a study reveals.

Push notifications to reactivate your users

Keeping the users engaged with the application is a tougher task than making them download. Whenever the user goes inactive try to remind them by pushing the notifications. You can also provide promo codes or referral codes benefiting the user sharing the code to other friends.

Make use of E-mail

Majority of the customers don’t change their mail ID very often. These ID always remain static for a longer period of time. Sending the information about the offers or discounts; notifying them to participate again actively can be beneficial. You also ask them to review the app or give suggestions to improve the app which will take your app a step closer to the user.

Advertise your app using CPI

Cost per Installation is a way in which you will pay a certain amount to a network that already has a good number of customer base. The network will direct the customer to install the application and test its experience. If the installer finds application useful and enjoys the experience then definitely there is a lesser chance for the app to be uninstalled. All you need to do is pay only for the number of installs you received through the particular network. This strategy can be beneficial for gaming applications in particular.

Consider White-labeling

If you are technically a very strong team but fail to make it in the marketing then you can consider the white labeling. This method is nothing but allowing a good renown company to advertise and brand your application as if they own the application. You must be careful in choosing your ideal partner. Make sure that your labeling partner has enough number of the customer base before confirming the deal.

Make note of all the ideas listed above to advertise your application. Think clearly considering your barriers and finally create your own strategy to lead the competition. Be concise and work accordingly to ensure your success.