Easy and Accessible Telehealth Revolution In Pakistan

Telehealth Revolution

When I was the kid I used to wonder whenever I visit the hospital that when life will be easy just like it is in other first world countries. It was always a myth at that time that we can get worth of money, especially in health care. With the passage of time technology has progressed a lot. It won’t be wrong to say that technology has made our life way too easier than before. But it always challenges the credibility of a product or service.

The reason behind the credibility question is common because we as a nation has suffered a lot in the name of hopeless claims and useless outcomes. If we look around there are some products that are really based on “serving mankind”. Marham is one of the technology base product that truly aims to serve those who are already suffering from the burden of minor or major diseases.

What is Marham?

Marham is a Telehealth service in Pakistan that are serving not only national but international patients. They are providing timely appointments with doctors and connecting them. The prior service is to serve the patient without wasting their time on long and long line in hospital. Secondary service is to provide a good practicing platform to doctors. This two-way interaction is the basic reason for the growth of this tremendous service. Where facilities are for everyone.  Adding more to their facilities, they have just started online consultation and child immunization.

Online Consultation.

In online consultation, Marham is providing very first-time online telehealth service which may be common in European and American states but not in Pakistan. So this initiative is not something “Easy to go”. By using this technology Marham has served so many patients just in the beginning. In this service, the patient can book an appointment with the doctor and can easily get the second opinion on Skype or any video or audio calling app. In short, there is no need to travel or wait in long queues. Life wasn’t this much in Pakistan. People have only imagined online shopping or online food services. But this telehealth service only proves that some people only believe in quality and credibility and not just gaining money.

Child Immunization.

Child Immunization

Marham has recently launched child immunization service to facilitate the mothers of the nation. In Pakistan, most of the mothers are not much up to date with the changes in healthcare. They mostly spend their time at home and have difficulty to schedule time for their kid’s vaccination which is the most important part of child growth. There was a dire need to make things easy for them. To fulfill this need Marham started this service where parents can add information about vaccination of their kids and can get easy, timely and up to date.

Last but not the least, there must be more people that serve humanity and not just the economy. Do you know why? Because when we serve the human they will in return benefit us in varies ways that include, respect, affection trust and faith (obviously money too).