Does Instagram Have A Mute Option?


Recently, Instagram added the mute option by which you can mute people from appearing in your Newsfeed. With this new feature you will not only able to mute that person but also able to remove that person post from appearing on your Instagram’s Newsfeed; after muting you can easily be able to see that person’s profile and also won’t be told that someone is muted them.

You always have an option to un-follow someone on Instagram but after unfollow, you won’t be able to see other person’s Newsfeed and also they will know that you unfollow them. Of course, you can’t unfollow your close relative just because their posts annoy you. But if you use mute option, it offends profile instead, hence preserving any IRL relations.

On May 22, Tuesday as soon as the Instagram announced about mute button many people rushed towards its Instagram in order to remove all the annoying posts from their Newsfeed. If you are one of those people who still doesn’t have this feature, then don’t worry, you will have it in the next few weeks and believe me you will have a peace of mind once you have it.


Instagram users are increasing day by day and it is necessary to introduce this feature. This update was introduced after Facebook’s snooze button which hides all the annoying content for 30 days from your timeline without knowing the other Assignment Service person. After than Snapchat introduces a “soft unfollow” with a DO NOT DISTURB button that provides relief to the users from unwanted snap streaks, the Internet must take a deep breath of relief when Instagram finally jump into the bandwagon.

According to the latest press release, the users of Instagram are able to use this amazing feature after a few weeks. That might be tomorrow or might be after two weeks. It’d perhaps be shrewd to get a quick start and check how this works in the Instagram’s help center so that as soon as it is officially updated, you will be able to use it.

If you are one of those people who is counting down to see every Newsfeed of your ex then here is what you must have. Once you have mute in your account, you will be able to see all his/her posts and the best thing is that he or she won’t be able to see your Newsfeed. If any time your mind changes you can go back and un-mute the account as well.

Now you will definitely ask that, is there any way to know that someone is muted you? Well, not really. This only depends on your observation. With a mute button, you will also get some customizable options, but that you will know once it will announce soon.

After tapping the three dots on the right-hand side of the post you will see a few options in which the third one is mute an account. Once you click it, another window will open where there are options to mute. You can choose between mute posts and mute posts and stories. If you want to unmute a friend you can anytime do it with zero repercussions.

This is the latest update of the Instagram that you will see soon on your Instagram account and hope so that this application works as we think. You don’t have any option but to see the Newsfeed of your relative 12 times a day on Instagram but now, but clicking mute you can get rid of those annoying posts. Similarly muting your ex is a great way to think about your relationship again.

Now the owner’s of Instagram will tell us that when we will go to use this amazing feature. Fingers crossed for this because soon or later it is one of the most amazing features of social media networking.

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