Do You Think You Might Have Allergies

Might Have Allergies

Lots of people have allergies, and in many cases, it’s not known what is causing the allergic reaction. Often, the allergic reaction is fairly mild, such as hives, but in some cases, it can lead to death. This is why it’s important to see a doctor and have an allergy test done. These tests will then determine a plan of treatment.

What About the Skin Prick Test?

When a doctor is not sure about the allergens involved, they will likely do a skin prick test. In this case, a small volume of a suspected allergen is placed on the skin and a blood test is done later to see whether there are markers indicating the presence of an allergy to that substance.

This has been the gold standard of allergy testing for a long time and has had great success. However, in some cases, the allergic reaction may be so strong to even small volumes of an allergen that a skin prick test is not advised, and may even be dangerous.

Using the Immuno Cap Technique for Testing

If you suffer from strong allergic reactions, a skin prick test may not be the best course of testing. In these cases, it’s possible to perform allergy testing with blood instead. This method uses Immuno Caps and has the following benefits:

  • No risk of serious reactions: One big challenge for many people with allergies is that the standard skin prick test uses a small amount of the allergen to provoke an allergic response in the body. The blood is then tested for markers that indicate an allergy to the substance. The problem with this method is that some people can have very extreme allergic reactions even to small amounts of an allergen. Obviously, this makes the skin prick test too risky for these people. In the Immuno Cap test, a small volume of blood is tested outside of the body. This means that the allergen is not introduced to the body of the patient.
  • Efficiency: One problem with the skin prick test is that it can produce false positives, and this can mess with the results. The Immuno Cap testing method minimizes the incidence of false positives, making it more efficient as a testing methodology.
  • More data: The Immuno Cap method can also identify up to 112 proteins at the molecular level. This additional data provides the treatment provider with a lot more information about the level of an allergic response and possible treatment options. Even for people who have already had the skin prick test, the Immuno Cap testing method will identify more accurately any cross-reactivity in terms of an allergic reaction.

Checking Your Allergies

Though many people have fairly mild allergies to well-known allergens, some people have serious immune responses. In these cases, the skin prick test may not be suitable due to the risk of a serious allergic reaction. This is where the Immuno Cap technique is useful due to the fact that the testing is not done directly on the patient.

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