Criminal Laws in West Virginia – Contact your attorney!

Criminal Laws in West Virginia

The government exercises Criminal laws to deter citizens from committing crimes. These laws prohibit criminals to further commit felonies and protect the interest of the public. It is essential to understand the crimes and their laws as they can create a lot of confusion and wreak havoc leaving the offenders’ families scattered and helpless.  A criminal law attorney can guide and protect such people as soon as the police arrests or questions them. The intervention of an experienced lawyer can help them from becoming the victim of an improper procedure or a crime they have never committed.

Know your rights!

On taking a person into custody on the grounds of a crime, the police read Miranda rights which include –

  1.       Right to criminal law attorney during the period of questioning
  2.      Right to remain silent
  3.       Right to an attorney if the person is unable to afford

After the arrest, the person can disclose the basic information including name and address. It is important to practice the right to remain silent after the arrest until a lawyer is assigned to your case. Post-arrest, the case proceeds towards bringing person charged with a crime to the court for answering about criminal charges against you. On arraigning, judge requires the person to tell the court whether he thinks he is guilty or innocent. There are times when the individual accepts the charges and the punishment.  But if the person declares he is innocent then the judge will have to set a date for trial.

The individual has the right to remain silent during the arraignment and the law entitles the person to have a criminal law attorney at the time of these proceedings.

Crimes in West Virginia –

  1. DUI crimes – Driving under the Influence of drug or alcohol where the blood alcohol concentration is tested. If it is equal to or more than .08%, the driver is arrested and faces prison and fines. A minor may not make an attempt to buy, consume or possess drugs or alcohol. He can also not use false age or identity to consume or possess alcohol.
  2. Theft – Theft or Larceny is committed when the person takes the control of a thing or a property unlawfully that once belonged to someone else.
  3. Marijuana law – Federal and state laws have regulated the sale, manufacture or possession of Marijuana. In West Virginia, it is the substance of Schedule I category deeming it the potential for abusive purposes and having no substantial medical importance.
  4. Possession of drugs and sale  – All states in the US have laws that monitor the Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) possession. Illegal possession of any such substance can cause the offender to pay penalty. West Virginia has formed laws classifying drugs such as heroin, marijuana, and cocaine as well as the compounds that utilize them during the manufacturer.

West Virginia Criminal laws allow the perpetrators as well as the victims to allow benefiting from comprehending their rights. Criminal law attorney plays an important role in helping criminals exercise their legal rights and minimizing the punishments from the criminal prosecutor.