Cost of MRI Scan in Mumbai

Cost of MRI Scan in Mumbai

Mumbai is a busy city that never sleeps; people are always rushing about on the overcrowded roads. Everything finds a place in Mumbai; from industries to health hazards. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on how a person views it.

The increase in health issues had brought about an increase in the medical centers some of which are more than ready to use the situation to their benefit. Even as the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association has been cracking down on such lab centers, it is indeed true that there is a wide spectrum when it comes to the pricing of an MRI in Mumbai.

For the layman, an MRI scan may sound scary and make them think of the worst. But, MRI scan is just another, albeit better way of detecting an ailment in a person. It helps in identifying the root cause of a health issue and that enables the doctors to provide better treatment to the patients.

The MRI scan cost in Mumbai ranges between Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 20,000/- though the standard prices are around Rs. 4,000/-. The prices of scans vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Cost of MRI Scan in Mumbai

An MRI scan can be performed for any part of the body. Here are some of the examples for which the scan is conducted.

  • Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow Joints
  • Damaged Kidneys
  • Cancer
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Spine
  • Bone Infection, and many more.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) generates an image of the anatomy of the body along with the soft tissues and muscles. It uses string radio waves and electromagnetic pulses to generate the image. The patient is made to lie on a narrow table that passes through a tube. The equipment is huge, expensive, and the software used is also cost-intensive. This is one of the main reasons as to why an MRI scan costs higher than any other scan.

The scan can take any time between 15 minutes to 90 minutes. The patients are exposed to the waves only for the time it takes to get the image. Moreover, patients who have medical implants or non-removable metal in their bodies are not advised to go for an MRI scan. Pregnant women are also asked to refrain from getting an MRI scan performed.

When you are inside the passage the Radiologist will generally inquire as to whether you are OK and will at that point leave the room. There is an intercomm framework on a large portion of the machines I have encountered and as the output is generally led in stages, you will be inquired as to whether you are still OK before they continue with the sweep.

Right now is an ideal opportunity to attempt to subside into as agreeable a situation as you can. As referenced before, the entire output can last 20 – 30 minutes or more and in spite of the fact that the procedure happens in stages it is imperative that you endeavor to stay as still as conceivable to give an exact picture, so unwind, inhale typically and make an effort not to stress – there’s nothing to fear from a MRI filter.

Patients are asked to keep still during the process to generate a decent image. They are provided with earplugs to prevent the sound waves from affecting them. The MRI scans use contrasting dye at times. It is important to inform the doctor in advance if the patient has any allergies to the contrast dye. A contrasting dye is used to produce an enhanced version of the image and is not recommended for everyone.

The MRI scan cost in Mumbai can be reduced or negotiated effectively by booking the scan online using various websites that offer comprehensive information about the MRI scans and the prices charged by different lab centers in the city.

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