Careline Alarms – A key to independent life for the elderly

Careline Alarms

The revolution in the field of technology has made our lives simpler and safer. Everyone has an easy access to smartphones and the internet. In fact, most of the times, the ease of connectivity is the reason behind our peace of mind.

The risks of the older generation

Old age is quite a difficult and vulnerable age. The strength and agility of a body depreciate with age to a great extent. Any type of injury could turn really grave and cause permanent damage. According to various surveys conducted, most people lose their significant other by the time they reach 65. This makes them feel lonely and isolated with no real humane connection. These, along with many other problems, make elderly people get irritated and start panicking at even minor problems.

At times, dealing with elderly people become quite indecipherable and this incapability affects our professional and personal life. Even hiring a carer doesn’t completely solve this problem or give you any type of mental peace. It seems almost impossible to keep an eye on an elderly loved one, without hampering his/her freedom.

Careline Alarms

The only viable option we are left with, through which we can monitor the safety of their elderly loved one without hindering their independence, is – use of Careline Alarms.

What are Careline Alarms?

Careline Alarms are a type of Safety Alarms for the Elderly, which help the family members to keep a surveillance on their elderly loved ones without meddling with their freedom or independence. A few types of Careline Alarms are – Talking Pendant Alarms, various kinds of Fall Detection Alarms, etc.

Surveys have shown that almost 65% of elderly people live on their own. Careline Alarms are particularly useful for the senior citizens living alone or want to live a secluded and independent life.

How are Careline Alarms used?

The health of an old man becomes unpredictable with and any moment could be an emergency situation. Careline Alarms basically involve contacting the responsible authorities, for help, in case of an emergency situation. In case of an emergency, an ambulance and the emergency contacts of the victim are notified. Careline alarms come with an inbuilt GPS system, which helps to locate the elderly person in case of an emergency.  Careline Alarms provide you with the necessary medical supervision and the presence of your loved ones, as soon as possible. Careline Alarms providers have 24*7 helpline service where they personally do all the necessities to save you, in the absence of an emergency contact.

Uses of Careline Alarms

Careline Alarms are a perfect example of a blend of technology and the right motive. Here are a few reasons for you to use Careline Alarms.

  • Peace of Mind

An overriding fear of not being present for your elderly loved ones at the time of an emergency, curbs your work performance and takes away your peace of mind. Careline Alarms helps you to focus on your professional life, without being constantly worried about the safety of a senior loved one. 

  • Handling Alzheimer Patients

There are more than 800,000 Alzheimer patients in the UK and most of these cases are found in elderly people over 60 years of age. Careline Alarms help the family members and friends of these victims to track down their loved ones and restore them safely.

  • Independent Living

Careline Alarms empower elderly people to maintain their independent living without the fear of their brittle age. These alarms ensure 24*7 access to help for the senior citizens thus providing them with the much-needed freedom from all kinds of boundaries.

Careline Alarms empower

  • Fall detection

Fall accidents are one of the leading reasons for the death among elderly people. Fall Detection alarms are a type of Careline Alarms which have inbuilt sensors to initiate the process of getting help in case of the detection of a fall accident. This ensures proper and in-time clinical assistance of the victim.

Careline Alarms are one of the most useful safety alarms are proving to be life-saving by each passing day. Install one and ensure the safety of your elderly loved one, now!