Are Wigs Easy to Wear?

Wigs Easy to Wear

It can be quite common to believe that celebrities possess a supernatural power that allows them to have luscious, soft and shiny hair at all times. Regardless of how many times they dye it in a month, or the endless hair-styling routines that involved extreme heat and aggressive tools. Their hair always seems to be healthy, heavy and shining.

You wouldn’t be the first one to fall under Hollywood’s spell, where dreams can come true and actions don’t have consequences. Flaunting their gorgeous hair in the red carpet and magazine covers is part of the illusion that Hollywood brings to the masses, an illusion that you can pull off yourself.

The reality is that these gorgeous Hollywood starlets wear a wig more often than you would imagine. Even if their hairstyles seem natural, with beach waves or a messy but stylish out-of-bed hairstyle, chances are that is not natural o sporadic at all!

You’ve probably seen them flock their amazing hairstyles, and wonder “how do they do it?”. This my friends is, many times, the work of a fantastic wig. Which can wonderfully enhance a celebrity’s style and overall look.

Do I need an A-list hairstylist to rock a wig?

No! Wigs are actually extremely easy to wear and you don’t need years of experience or a beauty-school education to learn how to wear one. You can definitely find chic ladies wigs that are easy to wear.

Wigs Easy to Wear

One of the most important aspects of wearing a wig and passing it off as your own hair is buying quality! A wig’s quality is quite noticeable when you wear them. You’ve probably seen movies where the leading lady’s hair seems off, you can tell is a wig even through the screen. This means that they tried to cut the budget by opting for a low-quality wig.

Tips to make it easy to wear a wig

  • Choose the length wisely. When you decide to wear a wig it’s important to choose the length of the hair that you’ll want to rock. If you choose a long-hair wig and later-on you want a shorter style, it’s an easy fix. You just need to take it to your hairstylist and give it a new haircut. But, if on the contrary, you go for a short bob style and then you want long locks, then you’ll pretty much need to buy a new one.

This is why it’s important to decide the hairstyle that you’ll want before buying it.

  • You can have extra security for your wig. You’re probably worried that someone might snatch the wig off your head. We’ve all seen it in movies and TV shows, where wigs seem to easily detach from the person’s head. This can happen if your wig doesn’t have an elastic band for extra security. This elastic band secures your wig firmly in its place, giving you confidence that it won’t be going home with someone else.
  • Have a wig fitting. Just like your body is different from others’, so is your head. In order to make your wig look great, you need to have a wig fitting. To make sure it fits the circumferences of your head perfectly. Just like with pants, too big or too small and it can be a problem.
  • Get a wig cap. The wig cap gives your head a fresh sensation when wearing a wig. It’s the material that functions as a layer between your head and the wig. Chemo can leave your scalp sensitive, and the inside of a wig can be scratchy, the wig cap will help protect your scalp and give you a smooth barrier. If you’re wearing a wig because you want to try a different hairstyle without making it permanent, wearing a wig cap will help keep your natural hair under control, preventing the baby hairs from showing in your hairline.
  • Take care of it. Even if your wig is of the highest quality you still need to take care of it and follow the care instructions. It’s best if you also get a head mannequin to rest it on when not wearing it. This will help to maintain the shape of the wig and avoid tangling that can damage the hair threads.

Also, keep in mind that just as hair requires care, so does a wig, you need to wash it and apply products to it if it’s a humid day and you want to avoid frizzy hair. Your wig will come with instructions on how to care for it to make it last a long time.

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