Admission Requirements in China

Admission Requirements in China

China is located in Eastern Asia and is becoming an education hub for the entire world. Students from all over the world are coming to China for taking their education. They have various advantages from China. China gives wonderful quality education and perfect public security. The students who have study MBBS in China are performing very well in their respective countries. China offers various other advantages of scholarships even when the charge very less. Many Indian students are going to China because of this major reason. They get world class knowledge the same fees what other Indian students are getting the higher fee structure.

All these rules apply to all the foreign students who want to do MBBS from Chinese medical universities. Read them carefully so that at the time of application or admission procedure you don’t get stuck anywhere.

Age Criteria

The age of the foreign student in China must be under 25 years of age if he wants to apply for a bachelor’s degree program. If one wants to apply for a masters degree program from a medical university in China, he or she needs to be under the age of 35. In order to take admission in the doctoral degree program, the age of the candidate must be under the age of 40. This is about the age criteria for taking admission.

Degrees Required

The degrees which are required for taking admission in any of the Chinese medical universities which are approved by MCI are High School diploma or certificate for the applications for bachelor’s degree. One needs a bachelor’s degree which is valid to add a government-affiliated university or college from the home country of the applicant for applying for the master’s degree program from China. One has to submit a master’s degree from Government affiliated university or college to take admission in the doctoral degree program. These applications for the master’s degree program and doctoral degree program also require a letter of recommendation from the two professors who are working in the colleges of graduation or post graduation in the home country.

Laws and Regulations

All the applicants must know about all the laws and regulations of the home country government and the Chinese government. They also need to comply with all the rules and regulations of the college or university in the home country and the Chinese Medical University. The Chinese Government and Chinese medical universities are very strict about compliance with the law.

Academic Performance

To study medicine from Chinese universities is meant for only the intelligent and deserving people. All the applicants must have a good track record since childhood. Their academic performance will ensure you are their good performance at the Chinese University also. If the students of the medical universities in China will perform well after taking the degrees, then only it is worth to give admission to foreign students.

Transfer Certificate

The applicant who wants to study in Chinese Medical University must submit a transfer certificate from the University of the Home Country to the Chinese Medical University. This transfer certificate mentions the approval of the transfer from one degree to another.

No Criminal Track Records

There should be no criminal track records of the applicants at all. He or she should have complete clean chit from the home country government. Some of the Chinese medical universities require that the applicants must submit a non-criminal document. This non-criminal document must be notarized and certified by the Chinese Embassy in the home country of the participant.

Language Degree Programs

Language degree programs are Chinese medium degree program with respect to China. This Chinese medium degree program is for training the participants in the Chinese language. This is for the sake of their convenience so that they can interact and communicate with the other students, people on the campus and out of the campus and with each other also.



The full form of IELTS is the International English language testing system and the full form of TOEFL is the test of English as a foreign language. IELTS and TOEFL are the two prominent English proficiency tests. These tests are acceptable by Chinese medical universities. English is also a medium of communication in China. IELTS or TOEFL are not required mandatorily by every medical University in China. But if they do, you must have it. Besides, IELTS score is required for Visa.

Your dream to study MBBS in China can be easily fulfilled if you follow all the tips given over here and keep up with the documents mentioned above. China is a nice country; many of the students from all over the world are coming over here for many reasons. They give international exposure to the students and the studies are the best. Your life is complete settled if you are dedicated to studying medicine and if you do that from a country like China, it would be best.

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