9 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Using a Hair Dryer Diffuser

Hair Dryer Diffuser

Beauty and hair care experts always make it look easy to use a hair dryer diffuser. That is why when we get to use it ourselves, we often end up frustrated as we could not always use it the way experts do. We imagine an end result of beautiful and bouncy hair, but at the end of the day, our curls end up puffy and dry.

Fear not. There are things that you should know. Before we use a diffuser, there are actually a few important points we should all keep in mind. Even though if you have the most expensive diffuser, if you don’t know how to use it, you’d end up disappointed.

So, to understand and learn the art of diffusing, here are nine important things to take into account when using a diffuser:

1. Using a diffuser will create big curls.

If there is anything important that you need to know about a diffuser, it is what it can actually do for your curls. In the world of hair care, shrinkage is the number one enemy. But if you only know how to use a diffuser, you can stretch out those curls and make them look pretty.

Although this tool can make your tresses look fluffy and voluminous, it can also benefit you with bouncier and fast-drying curls. When used, it will diffuse or disperse the air, preventing the dryer from drying the hair cuticles.

2. It reduces heat damage.

It is a known fact that curly hair is more susceptible to heat damage. Thus, it’s safe to assume that no curly-haired gal wants to let her mane suffer.

By using a diffuser, you can reduce heat damage because unlike a regular hair dryer, it disperses the heat first. It does not only concentrate on one area.

3. Not all hair diffusers are created equal.

Always remember that not all diffusers are created the same. Even if they serve the same purpose, they might just be designed for a specific hair type.

hair diffusers

So, the next time you buy a diffuser, we suggest you look for one that easily glides through the roots. If possible, check if it has a cold shot button because it targets the curls and locks them better into one place.

4. Set the drying temperature to low.

Yes, a heat dryer diffuser does not cause too much heat damage, but in the spirit of keeping damage at a minimum, you should probably use a diffuser on a low setting. You can start by making sure your hair is 50 percent dry. Diffusing wet hair can only cause more frizz and you don’t want that, right?

5. You can diffuse on a daily basis.

Well, if you just set the drying temperature to low, then there is nothing wrong with using a diffuser every day. If you’re in doubt, you can always use a heat protectant for back up.

6. Curl patterns that are tighter need more diffusing.

Regardless of your hair type, be it the kinkiest or the straightest, you can still use a diffuser. However, the results are more evident in curlier hair types. Just remember that if you have tighter curls, try to start with a lower heat setting and make sure you do not hold the diffuser closer to your mane to prevent shrinkage and frizz.

7. It is safe to use a hairspray.

If you want to master the art of diffusing, try to use a bit of hairspray. Spritz it all over the hair before you start diffusing and voila! You’ll be amazed with the results.


8. Do not diffuse into your curls.

Like most hair styling tools, there is a right way to use a diffuser. If your hair is frizzy, do not cup your curls into the diffuser. The goal is to get the heat down against the cuticles and not blow towards them.

9. Do not touch your mane a lot when diffusing.

Diffusing often causes hair to look fluffy and voluminous, but if you do it the wrong way, it can create a complete disaster. Touch your hair a lot and you may end up with frizzy curls. Even worse, you could affect your curl pattern.

Are you excited to use a diffuser? Once you master the proper techniques of using it, you might start asking yourself how you ever survived without using one.