7 Reminders Apps That Can Work Wonders For You

Reminders Apps

You always want to avoid the embarrassment of missing important deadlines and forgetting important chores in your routine life but that’s something that might have become a staple for you. How often do you have to stand heads-down in front of your boss just because you missed an important deadline? But have you ever thought there needs to be something to take care of this? Yes, there are options available and you can always set online alarm to remind you of important stuff. However, that may only be the best option for you when you are at your desk and if you are looking for an all-encompassing solution then you might have to rely on some of the best reminders apps out there. There are many reminders apps that come with a robust alert system and have an easy-to-use interface to make things even simpler for you. Let’s check out 7 best reminders apps that can make things change upside down to put your routine in order.

  1. Do

It’s a To-do list app that can help you stay the most organized ever in your life. Generally, To-do list applications make for wonderful reminder apps as they can allow you to align all your important tasks and create a list of them. You are later reminded about each of them with an alarm when it’s about time. is quite a decent app that offers quite a few different customizations, time- and location-based reminders, cloud syncing to make reminders available across devices, and several other cool features. Any. Do comes with a Material Design as well. The app can be used effectively not only for your home chores but also for your office work. Once you’ll start using this app, you won’t be facing the embarrassment of missing out deadlines anymore.

  1. Wunderlist

It’s another productivity powerhouse and was acquired by Microsoft in 2015 for all the good reasons. Named the best to-do list app by the Verge and app of the year by Apple, Wunderlist is your perfect reminders app to make sure that you are more productive than ever. You get access to most of the app features with the free version of the app. The app comes with a sleek and user-friendly design. It’s quite simple to add list items and check them off. You can also add due dates, sub-tasks, and reminders.


  1. Todoist

Todoist comes with lots of cool features that help you to stay more organized than ever. You can color-code tasks, arrange them by dates and so on. The app allows you to create sub-tasks and sub-projects and you can also designate due dates to them besides color-coding, categorizing and prioritizing the jobs. The paid version gives you access to features like email reminders, filters, labels and pushes notifications.

  1. ToodleDo

Another user-friendly app for task management with reminders feature, ToodleDo allows you to create simple to-do lists. The app is task-oriented and allows you to create sub-tasks, priority ratings, additional notes, reminders, and due dates. Your tasks can also be organized into various folders.


Even though the focus of the app is to do some task management, it also allows you to create notes, outlines and track habits. The app lets you share the lists with others and collaborate with them by designating different tasks.

  1. TickTick

It’s relatively a new app but it really is a promising one. Similar to the apps above, TickTick allows you to create new tasks, add sub-tasks, and set deadlines along with custom reminders. You can even share your reminders and tasks with others. There can be recurring list items and reminders as well and they can come in handy for anything that you have to do every day or for several days, weeks, or months.

You also get a wonderful calendar view if you choose to go Pro. This view gives you access to your to-do lists in daily or weekly views. Tasks can be dragged for changing the order and dropped onto the bottom left of the calendar for setting a due date. The app comes with a cool interface and an ever-growing list of features.

  1. Google Keep

This is another cool great app for making and saving your notes and lists while being able to access them through different compatible devices. The core functionality of the app is similar to a notepad that connects to the Google Drive allowing you to keep checklists, voice notes, photos and different text notes which can be synced across devices.

  1. OmniFocus

If you have to track quite a few tasks and projects at a time, OmniFocus gives you everything you need. The app is super-comprehensive in organizing everything for you. Right on the home screen, you get a summary of all your upcoming tasks and there are color-coded badges to highlight everything that needs your immediate attention. Whenever a new to-do list task comes to your mind, it can be entered quickly into the inbox and then you can assign it to a particular folder, context or list. Though using the app may be a bit tricky, but you’ll surely love the learning curve.


So, with all these great tools at your rescue, you don’t have to worry at all about facing your superiors and getting embarrassed just because you forgot about an delivering the task on time. Never again you’ll have to face the embarrassment of forgetting about your important routine chores at home either. Just pick the best for you and stay more organized than ever.