7 Major Web Development Trends For 2019


With the number of internet users increasing every day, by one estimate it has crossed 4 billion in 2018, more and more companies are shifting towards the online platform to expand their business and to explore new opportunities as well. Everyone is approaching one or another website design company to get an interface. The percentage of people using mobile gadgets to get online is also on the rise. Also, there is rapid advancement in the technologies used in cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This has necessitated the use of newer and more advanced technologies in website design and development. With continuous advancement in technologies for hardware and software development, new trends in website development also keep cropping up. Some of the latest trends that are expected to dominate web development in 2019 have been discussed below.

Artificial Intelligence or Bots

Artificial Intelligence, as is common knowledge today, is human-like intelligence and cognitive functions displayed by machines. With its ability to understand, learn and analyze information, it has the potential to solve difficult problems. It also eliminates human error. Businesses are already finding it advantageous to have chatbots instead of humans for their customer service function, as it eliminates human error and is also cost-effective. Businesses are expected to save a large amount of money employing bots. Customers are also quite comfortable interacting with chatbots.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Websites that work equally well on mobile phones are in great demand these days. Every other person carries a smartphone these days. The number of people using mobile devices to search the net is increasing by the day and it is estimated that more than 55 percent of searches are done on smartphones. It is, therefore, imperative for web development companies to design websites that perform optimally on mobile devices as well.

Progressive Web Application

The progressive web application is that which combines web applications with mobile applications to produce a greater level of functionality. Progressive web applications are extremely responsive and can load instantly regardless of the speed of the network or the choice of browser. Thanks to its progressive enhancement feature, it is user-friendly and hassle-free. Its URL can be shared to reengage users through web notification.

Motion User Interface

Using motion in the user interface increases the possibility of visitors staying connected and being retained. According to a survey, websites witnessed a substantial increase in traffic after they added videos to their existing content. Interactive web designs are in great demand these days and motion user interface will be a top trend this year for the dynamic graphics, great animation and the real impact it makes on usability. Communicating to the viewer through visual storytelling makes motion user interface highly desirable.

Voice Search Integration

Instead of typing something to make a search, more and more people are using voice search features while searching for anything on the net. It’s quicker and easier. Many website developers, to maximize customer satisfaction, are adopting this voice search integration feature in their websites. This is fast becoming an integral part of website design and should remain a top trend this year.

Modular Design.

There are endless ways of designing a website. However, a lot many website designs end up being rather chaotic making it difficult and cumbersome for visitors to find the content they are looking for. Using modular design while developing a website makes it easier for developers to create a website which is rather uncomplicated with an uncluttered look. Modules are elements that can be reused throughout the pages. These are grid-based websites that allow the developers more versatility in the way they want to present their content. A modular website is more organized with clear boundaries, easier to navigate, and are highly responsive in being easily adaptable to mobile devices. Modular design promises to be quite popular with website developers in 2019.

Single Page Application

A web application which is based on Javascript, single page application works really among user devices. It boosts performance and there is minimum interruption because of page reloading. Web development time also decreases as it responds to navigation actions without making any request to get new HTML from the server. Single page application is an excellent choice for building websites that are responsive and compatible with mobile devices as well as desktops. Recent developments on single page application are React and Angular framework based, which makes it suitable for hybrid apps.

As it is with any other industry, there is continuous advancement in technologies used in website development. New trends come and go with each passing year. Web design services must know about the web development trends discussed above along with some other design technologies in order to be successful in 2019.

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